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20 Healthy Snacks For Mums And Kids!

I don’t know about you, but I love getting new ideas for snacks to give the kids (and myself too! 😂). It means they get more variety into their diets and there’s something fresh to look forward to!

I’ve included some snacks that are on-the-go kind of snacks, and others that you can make at home but that are quick to prepare!

Disclaimer: these snacks are for children who are three years old or older.

1- Granola bars

These are simply divine, and you can pick and choose which ingredients to use! Fill yours with nuts, seeds, natural sweeteners, and healthy fats to make them super nutritious. Check this recipe!

2- Pancakes

Pancakes are great for breakfast (we have ours for breakfast on Sundays) but also for a special snack. Eat them on their own, or add some pure maple syrup, honey or yoghurt with some fresh fruit for a special occasion.

To make for a healthier pancake, try out these almond flour pancakes, or these sweet potato pancakes! I’ve made both types and they’re delicious!

3- Carrot sticks

Simple, easy and delicious. You can eat them on their own, or dip them in some hummus or cream cheese. My children love both ways of eating them!

4- Kale chips

Have you ever tried these? They are so good! Packed with vitamins and minerals, they’re also super healthy. We usually have these as a side dish for dinner, but they’re also very snack friendly. Follow this recipe!

5- Berries

Not only are berries delicious, but they’re also some of the healthiest fruits you can eat due to their very low fructose levels, and very high levels of antioxidants. Check this article that explains why berries are some of the earth’s healthiest foods.

6- Chia pudding

snacks for mums and kids

Chia pudding is so good! Especially in the summer! I haven’t made this in a while, but I definitely want to try this again as the weather gets warmer. I’m thinking of trying this recipe here.

7- Cherry tomatoes with mozzarella on skewers

This is a great snack for a party or a picnic. I’ve actually made these a couple of times for birthday parties as they’re a welcome break from all the stodgy party food! You can also make a simpler version of these at home for a on-the-go snack. Check this recipe here.

8- Nuts

Nuts are such a quick and easy snack for when you’re on the run. Simple, healthy and delicious. My husband and I snack on them almost every day, and my children love them too. The great thing about nuts is that you can buy them all prepared and packaged, which means there’s no preparation involved.

9- Cucumber with cheese

Cucumber is such a great fruit! Yes, it’s a fruit! Anyway, we eat as a vegetable, and it goes well with cream cheese, humus, and guacamole.

10- Guacamole

This is another quick and delicious snack. Here’s a quick guacamole recipe:

1. Slice the avocado lengthways, remove the stone carefully, and scoop out the avocado flesh with a teaspoon.

2. Mash the avocado in a bowl, add a couple of pinches of salt and the juice of a lime or a small lemon

That’s it! You can also add sliced cherry tomatoes, onion and corriander, for added flavour.

For a bigger snack, spread guacamole on a slice of bread or toast.

11- Pepper slices

Simply wash and slice up the pepper into strips. If you like, you can have the pepper slices with your favourite dips. We like humus, cream cheese, and guacamole.

12- Mug cake

mug cake - great snack for mum and kids

I love mug cakes! They are just so quick to make, as well as being delicious. I actually have one I make on repeat because we all love it. You can find the recipe here. It takes only 5 minutes to prepare and two minutes in the microwave.

13- Plain yoghurt with berries

plain yoghurt and berries - a snack for mum and kids

Need I say more? This snack is a winner!! If you like, you can also add some nuts and seeds, or cocoa powder and natural sweetener.

14- Sweet potato wedges

Yummy!! I’ve actually never had these as a snack, but when I was thinking of snack ideas, it occurred to me that these are good for snacks too, as you can cut them up in bite-size pieces for the children. They really are delicious and so much healthier than package crisps (potato chips). Just make sure you provide your children with some napkins! Check this recipe here.

15- Healthy sandwiches

You can make some quick and healthy sandwiches with just a few ingredients: whole grain bread (or low-carb bread), salad ingredients, cream cheese, guacamole, egg, etc. Or why not try a banana and peanut-butter sandwich? Yummy!

16- Dark chocolate

I’m a self-proclaimed chocoholic, so chocolate had to be on this list!! We have dark chocolate (preferably 85% cocoa solids or above) as it’s super healthy. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

17- Raisins

Raisins are very high in fructose, but they’re also packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, I give them to my children in small quantities as a quick snack to have occasionally. What I usually do is that I give my kids a mixture of raisins and nuts, and then I’ll give them some cheese or some crackers as well.

18- Fruit sachet

My kids have these at least once a week, and they love them. We don’t buy the brand above, as they’re super expensive in Portugal, but I do buy similar ones. Again this is not a snack I would give every day, because of the high amounts of fructose, but they are great for on-the-go snacks and for taking to school now and then.

19- Chocolate and peanut bark

chocolate and peanut bark

This snack is super delicious and super easy. Just make sure you have these somewhere near a sink, so the children can wash their sticky fingers after!

Full recipe here.

20 – Smoothie

fruit smoothie - snack for mum and kids

I love smoothies because you can pack so much into them: yoghurt, wheat germ, flaxseed, chia seeds, fruit, vegetables, you name it. For delicious summer smoothies, check out Jamie Oliver’s recipes here.


  • Lucy Packett

    Love these ideas, thanks for sharing this Anna. Top tips I enjoyed the most were the mozzarella on skewers, yogurt with berries, peppers, nuts (which I enjoy a lot of too) and cucumber and cream cheese.

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