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A Confused Heart

Hi, friend! Today I’m sharing a poem I wrote a few months ago: A Confused Heart.

I wrote this poem when I was experiencing a season of confusion and lack of direction. Similar to David in the psalms, I find that when I put my emotions to words and express those to God, it helps me to process my feelings and turn to God in praise.

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So here goes:

A Confused Heart

Tangled in a web of emotion

My heart drowns in the turbulent ocean 

Of confusing thoughts and feelings

Of contradictory desires and meanings

O that I could return to simplicity

O that I could relinquish my iniquity

Of doubting instead of trusting

Of wavering instead of persisting

Of fighting instead of yielding

Lord, set me free from the mire of despair

Lord, lift me out of this dark lair

Then I will see Your light once more

And praise You Lord like times before

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a confused heart poem

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