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Purposeful Work, Blessed Rest

Today I’m launching my new book: Purposeful Work, Blessed Rest: A 6-Week Devotional For Mothers. 🥳

Here’s a quick roundup of commonly asked questions about the book, so you can evaluate if it’s for you. 


Who’s it for?

This book is for Christian mamas who feel burnt out. Overwhelmed. Women who feel like they’re constantly striving.

This book is for mamas who want to learn about God’s wonderful design in giving us purposeful work, and blessed rest in Him.

What’s it about?

Purposeful Work, Blessed Rest is a devotional book that encourages mothers like you and me to work purposefully in God’s Kingdom, and to rest in Him.

If you’re a busy mama, this 6-week devotional is for you as it explores both rest and work in light of God’s word.

Each week contains six days — each day containing a focus verse, a devotion based on the verse, questions for reflection and a prayer — and a seventh day, called Rest And Praise, which contains a recap of all the focus verses from the week, a short reflection to lead you in praise, and a prayer of thanksgiving.

What genre is it?

Christian Living.

Why was it written?

I love God’s design. I love how we created us for fulfilling and purposeful work. I also love that God designed us to rest. To delight in Him. To pause and just breathe!

This devotional invites you to walk through these beautiful truths about God and His design for work and rest.

In what formats is it available?

Kindle Unlimited, Ebook and Paperback.

Where’s it available?

Purposeful Work, Blessed Rest: A 6-Week Devotional For Mothers is available on Amazon worldwide (just type in the name in the search bar of your local Amazon market store).


I get inspiration from Christian authors Tim Keller, Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler from Risen Motherhood, Sally Clarkson.

How much does it cost?

During launch week, paperback and ebooks are on sale!

Ebook:$1.99 / £1.79 / €1.79

Paperback: $ 5.99 /£ 4.99 /€ 4.99

Launch week bonuses (until Friday, March 3, 2023)

– Launch week prices: eBook $1.99 / £1.79 / €1.79. Paperback $5.99 / £ 4.99 / € 4.99 (available now!)

– With every purchase, I’ll send you a complimentary published ebook of your choice (check them out here) as a PDF or epub (with instructions to upload onto your ebook reader)

– With every purchase + review, and as a big thank you, I’ll send you a complimentary bundle of digital downloads (5 short stories for children, a schedule planner, cleaning checklists, a Christian gratitude journal)

To get these, just send me a print-screen of your review (if you submitted it to Amazon) or an email of your review (if you don’t use Amazon) to or 

A Note From Me

Mama, God loves you!

He wants you to live an abundant life of rest in Him. He wants you to work purposefully in His Kingdom.

The world will often tell you that to find rest, you need to focus on yourself. Or that to find purposeful work, you need to look within. Don’t believe it! You will find true rest and purposeful work when you turn to God and focus on the beauty of His splendour.

Mama, I pray God’s truth will permeate your mind and heart and bring you to a place of rest. May You know Him more and make you make Him more known.

I truly appreciate your time in reading this book and sharing it with others!

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