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Abiding in Christ with Emily Darnell

This is the second episode in the Walking with Jesus Podcast Series and in this episode, I chat to wife, mama, and author, Emily Darnell, about the concept of Abiding in Christ. (John 15:4)

We cover the following questions: What does Abiding in Christ actually mean? What is the role of the Scripture and the Holy Spirit in helping us abide in Christ? How can we abide in Christ as busy mamas? How can we teach our children how to abide in Him?

Abiding in Christ with Emily Darnell

Meet Emily

abiding in Christ

Emily Darnell lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia with her husband and children, and loves to be outdoors as often as possible. She earned her Masters of Arts in Philosophical Theology, and worked in Student Affairs at a University for 10 years. She now homeschools her children, and is active in her local church’s Women’s Ministry.

Connect with Emily

You can find Emily’s writing at ⁠www.abidedeep.com⁠.  Sign up for her quarterly newsletter while you are there! 

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