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Captivated By God’s Beauty

Today I’m sharing a post about a recent experience I had when discovered something about being captivated by God’s Beauty. First, I share the story and after that I share the insight I had into it.

Captivated By God’s Beauty – A Story

I lifted my gaze. The trees above me swayed in the wind and from between the branches I glimpsed the blue morning sky. I savoured the beauty and strolled on, gazing at the trees above all the while. The area was one of my favourite haunts, as the splendour of God’s creation delighted my senses.

When I reached the end of the path, I turned back, fully relishing the moment. A few minutes elapsed as I ambled on, observing the surrounding beauty.

Then suddenly, my wondrous captivity came to a halt. To the left, an eyesore came into my line of vision. A factory with walls covered in peeling paint and graffiti. I shuddered and looked away, desperately trying to find beauty again.

And that’s when I realised: this was the ‌same area of the path where I’d been looking up at the trees in the opposite direction. While gazing upward, I hadn’t noticed the imperfection beneath. And then I was reminded of a deeper reality. Ultimate perfection can only be found above. In God, the Creator of all things and His everlasting Kingdom.

An Insight

Life is difficult. We endure hardships and pain no matter where we live, no matter what we do. Yet, when we live with the hope of eternity in God’s Kingdom where there is no crying, no suffering, nor pain, we can endure the hardships of life, not passively, but joyfully—in the full knowledge that brokenness is just a transitory reality. 

A good example of this joyful approach to hardship is Paul, who found contentment and rest amid strife, persecutions and difficulties because he kept worshipping God (Acts 16:24-25). He did not sit idly by in his strife, wallowing in despair. Paul was constantly contemplating the beauty of God and meditating on the things of above. There lay his treasure. 

Knowing the true source of perfection and understanding the future never-ending joy that will be ours when we live in the Eternal Kingdom helps us let go of our incessant craving for perfection here on earth. 

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