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Do Not Merely Listen To The Word – A Devotion For Women

Today I’m sharing a devotion based on the importance of obeying God’s word, based on James 1:22

As usual in the devotions I share, there is a focus verse, a brief reflection, a couple of questions for reflection, and a prayer.

So let’s jump in:

Do Not Merely Listen To The Word – A Devotion For Women

Focus verse

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.- James 1:22


As Christian women, we often desire to be faithful to God’s word and so we read the Bible, do a devotional time, pray, and listen to worship music as part of our daily life.

The problem is when we simply listen to the Word and we do not do what it says. I’m guilty as charged! I may obey the Word when it comes to not stealing, or committing adultery, but how often do I look to other people or things for approval or worth, instead of looking solely to God?

I read an interesting book by Timothy Keller the other day which addressed this very issue. As human beings we often turn to created things for our sense of worth and purpose, instead of looking only to God, our Creator.

Don’t just study the word, follow the word

In Counterfeit Gods, Keller gives some examples of very subtle idols in our lives: family, work, money. Things that are not bad in themselves, but that we sometimes elevate to ultimate things, and we give them our devotion, instead of loving God first and firstmost.

As Keller says, the answer is not to love our families or our work less, but rather to love God more. To put Him first over everything else, and to find our purpose and worth in Him alone. 

Let us then do as James says and not only listen to God’s word about loving Him first, and actually do so in practice. Let us let go of the idols in our lives, and worship God alone. Let us teach others to do the same. Let us listen to the Word and put it into practice. 

Questions for reflection

  • What people or things in your life do you look to for worth and purpose, other than God?
  • What do you think most about when your mind is not occupied with work? Is this an idol in your life?
  • How can you grow in loving God more, and worshipping Him alone?


Lord, I pray I would not only listen to Your Word, but also carry it out in practice. Help me, Lord, to love you with all my heart, all my mind, all my strength, to let go of the idols in my life, and worship You alone. May You be in my thoughts constantly, and may my devotion to You be an example to other Christians and a light to those who don’t follow You. Amen!

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