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Embracing the Present with Leslie Moore

This is part of the Rule of Life podcast series and this episode is about embracing the present as a gift from God.

In this week’s episode, I chat with my friend and fellow writer, Leslie Moore, about waiting on God in seasons of transition and embracing the present as a gift from God.

So often in life, it’s easy for us to anticipate the future so much, that we forget to live and enjoy the season God has us in. Not only that, but we often forget that it’s in our seasons of transition that God actually prepares us for what He has lined up for us.

So, instead of jumping ahead, let’s be those who embrace the present!

Listen in to today’s conversation with Leslie and how she learnt this even in her journey as a mama.

Embracing the Present with Leslie Moore

Meet Leslie!

Leslie might live in a sleepy southern town, but her stories are thrilling. Leslie writes historical romances spanning from the foundations of early England to the 1970s, bringing faith-filled stories with adventure, sword fights, betrayal, secrets, and how the power of love can mend all hurt. Although she’s known as a writer, her most recognized title is Mom to Henry and Claire. When she’s not researching 9th-century armor or how a longhouse was built, she’s folding clothes, washing dishes, and wondering how to add in another plot line. You can find her writing about her first love, Jesus, on IG @lesliemoorewrites.



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