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Stepping Out In Faith With Ericka Clay

In today’s podcast episode, I interview my friend and fellow author, Ericka Clay. We talk about her testimony of when she came to Christ, key moments in her life where God asked her to step out in faith, and what God has been teaching her as a wife and mother.

Stepping out In Faith With Ericka Clay

In today’s episode I ask Ericka the following questions:

1. Ericka, you’re a wife and mom, as well as a Christian author and content creator. Can you tell us about your testimony as a Christian. When did you come to know Jesus as your saviour?

2. Have there been key moments in your life where you felt God challenged you to step out in faith?

3. What key things has God been teaching you on your own faith journey as a wife and mother?

4. What tips would you give our listeners on how to step out in faith in what God’s calling them to?

5. Tell us a bit about your books. Why do you create Christian content for others?

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Ericka Clay is a published novelist and poet. As a former atheist turned believer, she seeks to write raw, real, relatable books that have a heart for Jesus. She’s been awarded several times by Writer’s Digest for her short fiction pieces and is working on her latest novel, A Bird Alone (due to be completed Summer 2023). She lives in Northwest Arkansas with her husband, daughter, one ornery chihuahua, and an insatiable need to push buttons, both figuratively and literally.

Ericka’s books: https://bit.ly/booksbyericka
Ericka’s Podcast: https://bit.ly/TheWritersDiaryPodcast
Ericka’s Blog: https://bit.ly/TheWritersDiaryBlog

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