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Faith Comes From Hearing

Today I’m sharing a new devotion on the podcast to kick off the New Year and it’s all about how faith grows as we hear God’s word.

Faith Comes From Hearing – S7 E1

Focus verse

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ. Romans 10:17 


I sat on my “quiet time chair” in the living-room, thoughts swirling around my head like the laundry in the washer downstairs. 

What was I to do this new year? How to reach readers with my books? What to do with my podcast? 

I prayed these questions, but no answer came. 

I wanted to gain direction. To have faith instead of doubts. Yet, I forgot something important that morning. Faith comes from hearing and hearing through the word of Christ. 

In my anxiety over my questions, my faith was waning. I was focused on the struggles, on my lack of direction. Yet, God wanted me to know Him more and thus grow in faith.   

Before anything else, I needed to go to God’s word and grow in the knowledge of who God is. I needed to shift my focus away from questions and struggles, and shift it onto God. Let His word change my perspective. Let it shape and grow my faith. 

And then I remembered something else. My focus for this year: knowing God more, making Him more known

These two are to be my focus. Growing in the knowledge of God. Making Him known to others. 

Perhaps the latter will happen naturally as a result of the former. But I’ll also need to be intentional about making God known. A “both and” situation. The main thing is that I can trust God both for opening up natural opportunities to share and for His direction in terms of planning Gospel sharing opportunities.

Questions for reflection

  • How can you grow in your knowledge of God this year? 
  • What situations have you had recently in terms of sharing your faith with others? How about situations where you shared the Gospel with your children? 
  • Think back on a season when your faith was flourishing. What initiated that season? What happened as a result? 


Lord, help me focus on You first and foremost. May You be my first love. May I read and meditate on Your word more and more, and may it impact my heart. Help me, Lord, to grow in faith. 

May I know You more. May I make You more known. May I teach my children who You are and make You known to them. May I make You known to the world around me. Amen! 

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