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5 Beautiful Things To Enjoy During Winter After Christmas Is Over

Ok, so we’re now in the second week of January, and with the Christmas and New Year celebrations are over, it’s common to feel low at this time of the year when we think about the Winter ahead.

So today, I would love to share some wonderful things about Winter that go beyond Christmas.

5 Beautiful Things To Enjoy In Winter When Christmas Is Over

1. Nature walks

nature walks to enjoy in winter when christmas is over

Walking in nature is beautiful at any time of the year, and Winter is no exception!

In fact, if you go for a walk in Winter you’ll see things you won’t see at any other time of the year: winter flowers, frost or snow (depending on the climate), tree bark that becomes more prominent in the empty trees, red berries and Winter birds.

So, mama, scoop up your kids and get into nature! Teach your kids the splendour of God’s creation in the seasons, and that while some animals and plants hibernate and go dormant, others come alive!

2. Cosy home

cosy home to enjoy in winter when christmas is over

Sometimes we think Christmas is the only time of the year to have fairy lights and light candles, but it really doesn’t have to be.

Hanging up more fairy lights and dotting candles around the living-room might be just what you need to keep the house cosy and inviting during the Winter months.

In fact, this is the ideal time of the year to do this! Make your house extra cosy and warm with rugs, blankets, and curtains and then enjoy family time, and invite others in to enjoy the cosiness of home.

3. Winter food

winter food to enjoy in winter when christmas is over

I love Winter food! And the great thing is that we can have it all Winter long (and Autumn too!). Make the most of the cold months to bake pies, slow cook hearty stews, or make sumptuous roasts.

If you’re trying to eat healthily, make soups, curries, and stews that are packed full of veggies, and make roasts with sweet potatoes instead of white as they’re less starchy. Also, invest some time in looking up recipes for healthy cookies and cakes for the whole family.

4. Reflection and rest time

reflection time to enjoy in winter when christmas is over

Winter is an ideal time of the year to slowdown, rest and reflect as the short days and cold weather mean we are generally less busy and have more time to reflect on the direction of our lives.

Instead of filling your off time with social media, shopping, and entertainment, make the most of the Winter months to spend time praying, reflecting, and reading God’s word on your own and as a family. Then establish…

5. New rhythms and priorities

new routines to enjoy in winter when christmas is over

I love starting new rhythms in the Winter for several reasons.

One: the school year started in September and now is a good time to revisit routines, schedules, and make changes in the family rhythms according to God’s leading.

Two: the beginning of the calendar year is an opportunity to declutter not only our homes but also to declutter our lives and refocus on God’s calling for us as a family.

As Christian mothers, we are called to disciple our children and to go out and make disciples, but it’s so easy to get distracted with other things and let what were once priorities become afterthoughts.

So, make the most of the new year to examine your life and realign your priorities in accordance to God’s leading.


God created different seasons, and we’re not to disdain any of them, but to enjoy each one with thanksgiving, while making the most of each season’s beauty.

Winter is a season of rest, reflection, and realignment. Make the most of it to spend time with God in prayerful reflection and then go out and do what He has called you to do.

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