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Imperfect, But Chosen – A Reason To Hope

I became a mum in January 2014 and ever since I have loved being a mother. The early days were tough, however.

You see as a young mum, I used to feel I needed to be perfect at everything. That I was shortchanging my kids when I gave them nothing less than perfection.

I used to compare myself to other mums who seemed to have it all together, and I would feel inadequate.

But one day I realized that those mothers I used to compare myself to were like me. We all had our doubts and our failings. 

Our areas of strength and our areas of weakness. We all compared ourselves to each other and felt we were the ones that didn’t measure up.

Imperfect women. Photo credit: Becca Tapert on Unsplash.

I came to see that as people, as mothers, we are imperfect. All of us. No exceptions.

But there was still a problem. I still felt like my children deserved better than me. I felt like I wasn’t enough.

Then one day I read something that deeply impacted me forever:

“God chose you to be the mother of your child because he knew there was no better person for the job. He chose you.” (author unknown)

So there it was. I was imperfect but chosen. 

God looked at me and saw beauty despite my failings.

He looked at me and saw the mother he had chosen for Abby, Priscila, and Daniel.

God saw me as a unique mum.

He looked at me and saw not just a mother, but a daughter. A daughter of the King of Kings. A daughter who would grow, develop and become more of who she was created to be, once she lived in the truth of who she was

That’s my story. 

I hope it will inspire you, fellow mum, to know that even though imperfect, you are chosen.

Imperfect, but chosen.

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