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Fluffy Goes Out

This is a short story for children ages 4-7 about a cat called Fluffy, who did not want to visit the vet but had no choice in the matter.

If you’re new here on the blog, just to let you know that I’m an author and I write non-fiction Christian books for women and short stories for children.

Some of these short stories have obvious Christian themes woven into the stories, while others do not. However, all my stories teach Biblical principles, which I always describe in the introductory note for the parents.

The story I’m sharing with you today falls into this category. It’s a short children’s story that does not contain an explicit Christian theme, but it does teach the following point from the Bible:

– don’t give in to anxiety (John 14:1, Mathew 6:27)

So, without further ado, here goes today’s story.

Fluffy Goes Out

Fluffy looked out of the window at the birds in the garden. He meowed, hoping that his owners would let him out. 

He wanted to go outside and catch birds! But his owners ignored him and kept talking at the table. 

Fluffy tried again. But Peter and Mary just kept talking and eating.

And then he heard the scrape of a chair. He jumped up from his perch and meowed again. Maybe this time they would let him out. But instead, they picked him up, and after petting him for a few minutes, placed him inside the cat carrier!

Fluffy meowed unhappily. He knew what was going on. They were taking him to the vet. And Fluffy hated going to the vet! Here he was trying to catch a nice bird, and here were the humans taking him to the vet!

 A few minutes later found Fluffy going up and down with the movement of the car as Peter drove to the vet.

But then, as he looked out of the window, he had an idea. He would escape! Fluffy would wait quietly in the carrier and then as soon as the vet opened it, he would run out outside and hide under the car. Then all he would have to do was jump back into the car when his owners opened the door, and go back home with them. 

Suddenly the car stopped, and Peter and Mary took him out. As he peered out of the carrier window, Fluffy recognised the vet. Then he saw the reception area, and finally the vet’s room.

Then he heard it, the zip was opening. So Fluffy crouched down ready to jump out. But much to his surprise, it was not the front zip like he thought, but the top one.

Before he knew it, the vet had taken him out wrapped up in a towel. Fluffy meowed unhappily. And then came what Fluffy did not like: an injection on his paw. He mowed unhappily. But then just like that, it was over. 

Fluffy sighed with relief as he was placed firmly back in the carrier, and then taken to the car. But much to his surprise when the car stopped and he was taken out, he saw that they weren’t at home.

Instead, Peter and Mary had taken him to a big shop and as they walked around, Fluffy could see from the window that they were buying cat treats! Fluffy meowed happily and snuggled up in his blanket. He couldn’t wait to get home and have his favourite snacks. 

The end.

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