Impact – Gospel Hope For Every Woman

Today I’m launching my new book: Impact – Gospel Hope For Every Woman. 🥳

Here’s a quick roundup of commonly asked questions about the book, so you can evaluate if it’s for you. 🙂


What’s it about?

Impact brings to light the Good News, which has the impact of setting us free from common issues we face as women: conformity, idolatry, other-perfectionism, pride, envy, control, guilt, condemnation, and self-perfectionism.

This book will help you discern your areas of struggle, and reflect on the Good News of God’s Character, God’s Design, and God’s Redemption, so you can walk in the hope of freedom.

What are the chapters?

Why Impact?

Part 1 – The Good News of God’s Design

From Conformity To Uniqueness

From Idolatry To True Worship 

From Other-Perfectionism To Grace

Part 2 – The Good News of God’s Character 

From Pride To Humility

From Envy To Love

From Control To Surrender

Part 3 – The Good News of God’s Redemption

From Guilt To Repentance

From Condemnation To Discernment

From Self-Perfectionism To Rest 

Bringing It All Together

Who’s it for?

This book is for Christian women who want to learn about the beautiful impact of the Gospel in our lives as Jesus followers.

What genre is it?

Christian Living.

Why was it written?

I love the Gospel. I love the impact it has on those who cling to it with all they’ve got.

I endeavour to be one who clings to the Gospel and it’s my prayer that other Christian women will join me in this journey of discovering the beautiful impact of the Gospel. It’s also my prayer that together, as God’s children, we grow in: uniqueness; true worship; grace; humility; love; surrender; repentance; discernment; and rest.

And that we glorify our Heavenly Father as we conform to the image of His son.

In what formats is it available?

Ebook, Paperback, Hardcover and Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Where’s it available?

Impact: Gospel Hope For Every Woman is available at

Amazon worldwide!

You can also order it in print


I get inspiration from Christian authors Tim Keller, Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler from Risen Motherhood, Sally Clarkson.

How much does it cost?

Kindle edition: $3.99 / £ 2.99 / € 2.99

Paperback: $7.99 / £ 6.99 / € 6.99

Hardcover: $14.99 /£ 13.99 / € 13.99

Get it here!

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