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Winter In Lockdown – A True Story

I was talking to some friends the other day about how January is usually a bleak month, what with the long nights, the cold weather, and the flu season.

And then we started talking about how this year it’s an even harder month because of covid and the lockdown restrictions.

Now for me personally, January has never been a tough month because I like the cold weather, going out for winter walks, and the contrast of the cosiness of home. Also, having three birthdays in my family keeps me motivated and busy.

Birthday cake to keep me going 😂

The reality of lockdown during Winter

This year, though, has been different. I’m fine, and I feel at peace, but I struggle with being at home so much.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my home.

But I also love the freedom of being outside. I love nature and seeing other people (not necessarily people I know, just people in general).

The difficulty in the past few weeks is that even though we’re allowed to go out for walks, we haven’t always been able to, because of heavy rain or zoom meetings and distance learning.

The reality of social media

The other thing I struggle with in relation to lockdown is the feeling of constant connection. I know this sounds weird because we’re not with people much, but what I mean is that we’re constantly connected to people via the internet.

And I feel stressed with the feeling of being constantly accessible.

I like connecting with other. I just don’t like being connected to everyone, all the time.

My purpose in sharing my experience

Lockdown in 2021 has been harder than when we experienced in March 2020.

I’m not complaining here.

I know that we’re really blessed because we’re safe and well, and there are so many families who’ve had tragic losses because of this horrendous virus.

But I think it’s important to talk about the lockdown and the effects it has on many of us.

It’s important to know we’re not alone, and that many of us are struggling to some degree or another.

So what’s your experience been with lockdown? What activities can you still do?

Let me know in the comments.

For my solution to my lockdown struggles read my post My 7 Ways of Dealing with Lockdown this Winter.


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