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Katie And the Birthday Party In The Wood – A Short Story For Children

Today I’m sharing something new and exciting, which I’ve never shared with you before: a short story for children!

I have to admit I’m having to be very brave here because although I wrote a short story for children once before, I didn’t share it with anyone but my children and husband.

I actually tell a lot of made-up stories to my children. But I don’t usually write them down. So now I think the time has come to write down a story and share it with you, momma, so that you can then read it to your own children at home if you so wish.

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If you’d like to print out this story, there’s a PDF version at the bottom.

So here goes:

Katie and the Birthday Party in the Wood – A Short Story For Children

Katie walked down the path that led to the wood. The sun was bright in the sky and her step was light. She was going to a party. Not a common party, mind you. A party a hedgehog had invited her to, though he hadn’t told her who it was for. Katie didn’t mind. Despite living in an orphanage surrounded by other children, she felt lonely. The wood had become her refuge and the animals her friends. 

She walked until she arrived at the clearing. At first, she thought she was alone, until one by one she noticed her friends dotted around in the bushes, holding back as if waiting for something. Then Katie saw the hedgehog walking towards her. As he came closer, Katie noticed a bright ribbon in his paw. 

-Hello! What’s that? – asked Katie pointing.

– This, my dear, is your present. – said Hedgehog

– How did you know it was my birthday? 

– We know everything that’s important.

Tears came to Katie’s eyes. She had never had a birthday present in her life. Mrs Jensen from the orphanage didn’t give presents, and Katie had no family to speak of. 

-Thank you – she said simply, taking the ribbon from the hedgehog. 

When she took the present, as if on queue, the animals came to the clearing and the party started. Then it dawned on her. This party was for her!

A badger played the violin and a rabbit the accordion. Squirrels scurried around giving out sandwiches. A beaver handed out the chocolate cake—the best Katie had ever eaten. An owl twit twood to the sound of the music.

-My family – she whispered as she looked around.

Short story: Anna Hawkes Cabral

Illustrations: Abigail Hawkes Cabral

Free PDF version ⬇️

Katie and the Birthday Party in the Wood

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