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Rest And Know That God Is Holy – A Devotion For Mums

Today I’m sharing with you a daily devotion for mums that is an excerpt from my devotional book Beautiful Truth – A 21-Day Devotional for Mothers and which is currently free as an ebook at book retailers and as a PDF if you get it directly from me.

This particular daily devotion belongs to Part 1 – Who God is from the Beautiful Truth Devotional.

Rest and Know that God is Holy – A Daily Devotion for Mums

Focus Verse

“There is no one holy like the Lord; there is no one besides you; there is no Rock like our God.
1 Samuel 2:2


God is Holy. He is set apart. God is distinct from all of creation. He rules with justice. God is perfect in righteousness. He is pure and without blemish. God is incapable of sin. He is worthy of all praise.

When I reflect on God’s holiness, I realize I am just dust. When I feel tempted to glorify myself for the things I do, I need only reflect on the truth that every good gift I have is from my Holy God.

The talents I have are from God. The blessings I have as a wife and mother are from God. The provision I have is from God.

And when I look at the world and feel disheartened at the sin, depravity and brokenness, I need only look to my Holy God, and praise will fill my heart again. What a wonderful God!

Do the same, momma. Today, fix your thoughts on your Heavenly Father who is indeed perfect in all His ways.

Rest and Know that God is Holy. Photo credit: Anatol Lem on Unsplash

Bible reference for context

Read: 1 Samuel 2:1–10

Questions for reflection

1. How does God’s holiness give you hope?
2. What happens when you reflect on God’s holiness? What effect does it have on you?


Thank You, Father God, for being Holy. There is none like You! Thank You for being distinct and set apart. Thank You for being pure, beautiful and worthy. Thank You, Holy God, for the fact that because of Jesus I am able to approach Your throne of grace and call You Abba Father. Thank You, God, for Your gift of life to me despite my unworthiness. Thank You, Lord, for Your love.


Excerpt from Beautiful Truth – A 21-Day Devotional for Mothers

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