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The Lord Delivers Me

Hi mama! This is the first devotion in the Rescued By Faith Devotional Series, and today we’re looking at The Lord Delivers Me a devotion based on Psalm 34:4. In this devotion, we’re looking at God’s desire to deliver us from our fears. Read it and be encouraged!

Focus verse

“I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.” Psalm 34:4


As Christians struggling with life’s curve balls, sometimes we have this super spiritual idea that we just need to buckle through and not show signs of weakness. In effect, we believe we need to push away any negative thoughts or feelings, try hard to keep going, and put on a brave face when we’re with other Christians.

Yet, in Scripture, we see something totally different. God wants to deliver us from our inward fears and bring us to a place of rest in the midst of the storms of life.

the lord delivers me

Yet, this is only possible when we’re raw before the Lord and bring our struggles to Him in total abandon. When we do, we position ourselves to receive from God what only He can give: peace. Despite life’s storms raging outside.

This doesn’t mean we’ll stop experiencing pain. What it does mean is that we’ll have peace in the midst of trouble.

This also doesn’t mean we’ll stop having questions or doubts. What it does mean is that we’ll be sure of God’s love and we’ll praise Him even as our hearts wrestle with questions. Indeed, we’ll be able to look at our every struggle and say with confidence: the Lord delivers me!

So instead of trying to put on a brave face, God invites us to seek Him, experience His deliverance, know Him more, and experience hope even on our darkest days.

Questions for reflection

  • What fear or worries have plagued you recently?
  • Do you trust in God’s desire to deliver you from them?
  • Turn to God in prayer and ask for His deliverance.


Lord, I seek You, now. Deliver me from my fears. Help me, Lord. I can’t do this on my own. I’m done pretending that all is well. You know what’s deep inside. Lord, I surrender all to You. I surrender my fears to You. Fill me with Your Spirit, I pray. Thank you for Your deliverance. Amen!

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