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What’s On My Nightstand? Confessions of A Christan Mama

Hi friend! Today I’m sharing a what’s on my nightstand blog post, so you can get to know me a bit better. 🙂 You can also read more about me here!

When we read about what people have on their nightstands, we get a small glimpse into their routines, and sometimes even a perception of what’s important to them. That’s the case with what’s on my nightstand.

So here goes!

What’s on my nightstand?

Ok, so I have a lamp, which is pretty standard, right?

Then I have a notebook and a couple of pens.

I use these to write down any tomorrow to-do lists that pop into my head before bed. And I also use it to jot down any interesting dreams I might have had at night – if I believe they might be from God. (God has spoken to me through dreams on several occasions, so I like to make sure I have a notebook around just in case.)

I also have a Kindle, which is where I read most of my books at the moment. (Including the Bible at night – I do my morning reading in the living-room with a paper Bible.)

Then, and because I still use paperbacks, I have a paperback copy of Mere Christianity, which I’ve read several times and I’m currently dipping into.

I also have a hand cream, a night cream, and a cuticle oil, all of which I apply before bed.

In terms of appearance-related stuff, I also have a big jewellery organiser made of wood.

And then finally, I have several crafts that my children gave to me last mother’s day. 🙂

That’s it! Do you have anything that’s the same? Is there anything you’d recommend having on my nightstand? Let me know in the comments!

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