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7 Christian Morning Routine Ideas To Help You Focus On Jesus

Looking to start a good Christian morning routine? Trying to tweak the routine you’re on now? If so, I pray this article will bless you. 🙂

In this article, I’m sharing what a morning routine is, why it’s important to have a Jesus-focused morning routine, and seven Christian morning routine ideas. (With the bonus that none of them require screens!)

So, let’s get into it:

What is a morning routine?

It might surprise you when I say this, but… we all have a morning routine!

While we don’t all do certain activities in the same order, most of us do certain things every morning – toilet, hygiene, breakfast and/or morning drink – and a lot of us do them in a particular order. (After getting up going straight to the toilet, having a drink or food before brushing teeth, combing hair before leaving the house.)

Sometimes people resist routines, because they seem boring or too strict, but when we look at a routine as simply being the usual series of things we do at a particular time (this the Collins Dictionary definition), we see how flexible and freeing morning routines are!

Having a morning routine simply means that we arrange our mornings to include certain important activities. As mums, we often do this without a second thought. For instance, when our children are little, feeding them is a natural part of our morning routine.

So now that’ve discussed what morning routines are, let’s talk about the importance of having a Jesus-focused morning routine.

The importance of having a Christian morning routine

Having Jesus-focused morning routines is important for two main reasons.

The first is that by following certain life-giving practices at certain times of the day (in this case in the morning), we eliminate the need to figure out constantly what we’re doing and when.

And so, while initially we may need to take some time to come up with a morning routine that focuses our attention on God, we save a lot of time and decision-making further along the day.

The second reason that having a God-focused morning routine is important is that we live in a constant battle against the flesh, the world, and the spiritual authorities of darkness.

As such, like any good soldier, we need to take time to prepare our bodies, our minds, and our hearts for battle. The Bible calls this putting on the armour of God.

While we can (and should) put on the armour of God throughout the day, there is something so powerful about focusing on Jesus and preparing our mind, heart, and body for battle when the day begins.

Ok, so now let’s look at seven ways we can do this early in the morning:

7 Christian Morning Routine Ideas

1- Meditate on key Scripture verses and truth

Often, within minutes of waking, our thoughts turn to the worries of the day ahead or the problems we faced the day before. For that reason, it’s important we don’t let those thoughts take over our minds, but turn our thoughts toward the truth of Scripture.

As an example, if we wake up and immediately begin worrying about a conversation we’re going to have later that day about topics that may be heavy or complicated, we can meditate on the following verse:

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

2. Pray

When we spend a big portion of our morning routine in prayers of supplication, thanksgiving, and praise, we grow in our relationship with God, and allow Him space to fill us with His joy, peace, and love.

You can spend time praying while you exercise, or you can pray while sitting in a comfortable chair with a cup of tea (or you can do both!). You can also pray while unloading the dishwasher or setting the table for breakfast. Pray as much as you can.

3. Read Scripture

There are different ways we can read the Scriptures (devotionally with a focus on one particular verse or theme, meditatively over one particular passage, or narrative and study-focused). Choose different types of Scripture reading according to how the Spirit leads you, and if you have time, include all these in your routine.

Most days, I read the Bible methodically and with a focus on the narrative and eternal principles of Scripture. Then some days, I’ll also read the Bible devotionally; either on my own or with a devotional (at the moment I’m following a Charles Spurgeon devotional). Other days, I’ll follow a Bible study book.

4. Listen to Scripture while observing nature

Something I like to include in my morning routine in the Spring and Summer months is to listen to the audio Bible while I look out of the window and observe nature.

Often, I listen to the Psalms, but sometimes I choose other passages too.

5. Go for a prayer walk

Again, in the spring and summer months, I often take a morning prayer walk before starting my work for the day. This is such a lovely way to commune with God, release worries in prayer, meditate on God’s provision, and pray for others.

Often on these prayer walks, God will also draw my attention to certain details in nature (for instance, the leaves rustling in the wind) and speak into my heart about His work in my life.

6. Journal

Get yourself a journal and a pen or pencil and write down prayer requests, Bible verses, God’s direction, thoughts, answered prayers, things you are grateful for, attributes of God, you name it.

I love journaling as part of my morning routine. Some mornings I write down prayer points, other mornings I write Bible verses that God is using to speak into my life, and other days I write what I sense God laying on my heart.

7. Eat breakfast with your family and talk about Jesus

Eating breakfast with our families can also be a great way to focus on Jesus as we share life and faith around the table. This doesn’t have to be done every day of the week (in my case, I often fast during the week) but I suggest you try to make this practice part of your morning routine at least a couple of times a week. (In my case, I do this on Saturdays and Sundays.)

Sharing a meal with your family and discussing faith topics is such a wonderful way to connect with God. You can also read a Scripture together as a family and pray.

Bonus – Play an instrument or sing Scripture-based songs

Another way you can turn your mind to God and His eternal kingdom is to either play an instrument or sing songs that are infused with Scripture and help you meditate on truth.

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