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Praise The Lord

Today’s devotion is part of the Holding on By Faith devotional series here on the blog and it’s called: Praise the Lord.

In today’s devotion, we’re looking at how we can bring ourselves to praise the Lord even in the midst of our troubles and pain.

Focus verse

“Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.” 1 Chronicles 16:8


Praise moves the heart of God, because praise is about shifting our gaze away from ourselves and onto God.

Praise is a discipline, however. We won’t always feel like praising God. Especially when we are experiencing struggles and pain.

Yet, perhaps it is precisely in those moments of difficulty that God most calls us to look at the One who never changes. Perhaps it’s when our world is shaking and falling around us that God invites us to cast our eyes, not on what is seen, but what is unseen. To cast our eyes on the beautiful truths of God’s everlasting kingdom.

Indeed, that’s been my experience. It’s been in my moments of greatest weakness and pain that I’ve most cried out to God. And, in God’s mercy, it’s in those moments that I’ve received deep revelation of who He is.

To illustrate, I’d love to share a poem I wrote when I was experiencing a season of pain and struggle and how God met me in my darkness:

“I trudge up the hill

Bearing my burdens with a groan

My heart buckling under the weight

Of carrying a load alone

The pressure becomes intolerable

I relinquish my desire to control

My soul cries out in despair:

“Lord, I need you. Take my all.”

In that sweet moment of surrender

The eyes of my heart see afresh

Your glory and Your splendour

Breaking every fear of the flesh

Then as a crashing wave

Peace inundates my soul

It permeates my every thought

Making me new. Making me whole.”

Surrender. It’s what moves us to relinquish our sin, our disappointments, our desires.

It’s in surrender that God meets us by His Spirit and opens our eyes to His beautiful glory. It’s in surrender that we can finally take our eyes off ourselves and shift our gaze onto the God who made the earth, the sea, and the sky. And it’s in surrender that we can finally praise the Lord.

Questions for reflection:

  • In what situations do you not feel like praising God?
  • How can you repent (change direction) and go back to praising God in those moments?


Lord, there are the times when I am so absorbed in my troubles and pain that I neglect to surrender to You and to praise You. I’m sorry. Lord, help me now, I pray. I surrender my burdens to You again. Let me see You as You are. Please, bring my heart to praise. You are holy, God. You are good, Lord. You are mighty in power, Father. Amen!

praise the Lord even in trouble

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