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Please Your Commanding Officer!

From the Purposeful Work Devotional Series

Today I’m sharing devotion number three in the Purposeful Work Devotional Series: Please Your Commanding Officer. This devotion is about pleasing Jesus and submitting to His rule.

Please Your Commanding Officer – S6 E3

Focus Verse

No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his commanding officer – 2 Timothy 2:4


Mama, you and I are called to please our Commanding Officer – Jesus. We are not called to fulfil other people’s expectations of what mothers should or shouldn’t do. We are not called to satisfy the whims and wishes of those who try to conform us to their image. We are called to conform to the image of Christ.

We are not then to get entangled in the civilian affairs of the world, but live for Eternity – the King of which is our Commanding Officer. 

When we see our life on this earth as an opportunity to shine Jesus’ light and to work for His Kingdom, we can rest knowing that the work we carry out has an eternal reward and will produce fruit.

So mama, today I want to encourage you to seek God’s will for your time. Ask Him to reveal how He wants you to work for His Kingdom, and submit to Jesus as your commanding officer.

Questions for Reflection

  • Are there situations you are currently entangled in that are not God’s will for your life?
  • How can you disentangle yourself from these, and submit to God’s rule?
  • What can you teach your children regarding living in submission to Christ’s rule? Can you share a testimony with them?


Jesus, you are my Commanding Officer. Help me live in complete submission to You and put Your kingdom first. Help me to work with purpose in doing that which is Your heart for me. Forgive me for the times I have been entangled in worldly affairs, instead of living for Your kingdom first. Help me to teach my children to put Your kingdom first and live for You. Amen. 

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