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Sad, Angry, Frustrated? 3 Prayers With Bible Verses

Ok, this is a bit of a different post. I usually write things from a positive angle. But the truth is we are people, and we have feelings, and sometimes life is just hard.

I love how in the Psalms David is so open and vulnerable towards God. Not only that but those psalms were recorded for us. They contain eternal principles applicable for us today and they’re part of God’s inherent word.

What the psalms teach me personally is that God wants me to come to Him, no matter what I’m feeling. His heart’s desire is that I open up to Him. Whether I’m feeling angry, depressed, or plain frustrated.

So with that in mind, I’m going to share with you my prayers for certain situations, which you can use too as a model or suggestion.

When you feel sad

There are days when sadness can take over us; more than we ever thought possible. Sometimes it’s because we had created expectations about something that didn’t come to pass.

Other times it’s because we’ve experienced a loss or some kind of heartbreak. Other times still, there’s a relationship in our life that just isn’t right, but we have no idea how to fix it.

So how can we process this sadness? The answer is: with God. He understands! He knows exactly what we feel even before we utter a word.

If you’re feeling heartbroken or sad today, here’s a suggested prayer.


Lord, I’m not feeling well today. My heart is heavy. I don’t understand this situation in my life. Please help me, Lord to be able to learn from You and become more like You. Please speak to me and comfort me in this pain.

Thank you Jesus that you are with me. Thank you that your love for me never fails, and not even death can separate me from your love. Thank you for shedding your blood and dying in my place so that I could live with you forever.

Thank you Father God for all you’ve allowed in my life in your Sovereignty. Even though I don’t understand some of my circumstances. Thank you that You cause all things to work together for my good.


Woman praying with Bible

Meditate on Psalms

After spending this time in prayer, go through the suggested psalms and highlight and meditate on verses where David also expressed sadness.

Suggested psalms:

Then turn to David’s psalms of praise, read over them and meditate on the beautiful truth of who God is. Praise your Father who never changes, even though your feelings, thoughts, and situations do.

When you feel angry

We all feel angry at times, and it’s hard. The Bible tells us to be slow to anger, and to be angry but not sin!

If I lash out at my kids and hurt them when I’m angry that means I’ve sinned in my anger.

If I’m angry towards injustice and that leads me to stand up for righteousness then that means I’m angry but I haven’t sinned. In fact, this righteous anger had led me to do the right thing.

I believe that when we’re angry, one of the best things we can do is turn to God in prayer and ask Him to show us if the anger we’re feeling is righteous anger, and what we can do with it.


Thank you, God, that you are great, awesome, and almighty. Right now I feel angry. I want this situation to change. I need it to change. Please help me Lord to not sin in my anger or do something that would hurt others or be against your will.

Help me to use this anger to stand up for righteousness. I pray that you would help me Lord to let go of any sinful motives, and help me to honour You in all I do.

Help me to have grace towards (insert name or names). Help me to forgive them, just as you have forgiven me. Help me not to hold their wrongdoings against them.

Thank you Jesus for loving me even when I feel angry. Please fill me with your peace. Amen.

Woman praying

Meditate on Psalms

Now read through some psalms in which David expresses anger, highlight the relevant verses, and meditate on them.

Now turn to some psalms of praise, meditate on them and worship God for His goodness and grace.

When you feel frustrated

Sometimes in life, the only thing I know to say about how I feel is “frustrated”. I feel frustrated when circumstances don’t go my way. Or when I feel like I’m not achieving what I really want to. Or when others don’t do what I envisioned they would. Or when I’m waiting for something that just seems to take forever to happen.

When this happens I need to be careful that my frustration doesn’t lead me to resentment towards myself, others, or God. The truth is that if I allow it to, it will!

The best way not to let frustration lead to resentment is to pray through it and ask for God’s perspective.


Lord God, I don’t know why my circumstances are these. I don’t understand why X does this. I don’t understand why you don’t give me more strength to do Y. I don’t understand why you’ve allowed Z in my life.

Please forgive me Lord for not trusting in You as I should. Help me to surrender to Your will. Whatever you have for me, Lord God, I accept. Please strengthen me to do your will.

Show me, Lord, if there’s anything I need to repent of, or any wrong thoughts or beliefs.


Woman meditating in nature

Meditate on Psalms

Next, read through some psalms in which David expressed his frustration towards his circumstances and even towards God and spend some time meditating on the key verses:

Now, turn towards psalms of praise, meditate on them and surrender to God. Praise Him for His might, power, holiness, and steadfast love:

That’s it!

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