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Real Security Is True Humility – A Devotion For Mums

Today, I’m sharing a short devotion that focuses on how real security in God is actually born out of humility. To find out more read the focus verse, the devotion, and then go deeper with the reflection questions and the prayer.

Focus Verse

“What do you have that you did not receive?” 1 Corinthians 4:1-7


As a Christian mum blogger, I write a lot about identity, worth and uniqueness.

Why? Because in my experience, comparisonitis is one of the most common struggles that mums face.

It’s so easy to believe in the concept of the perfect parenting approaches. Or the perfect mother standards.

The Corinthians had issues with comparisonitis and judgementalism. There was rivalry between them as to who followed whom.

Each group thought they were better than the other groups because they followed X, Y and Z. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Paul’s clear admonition to the Corinthians was for them not to judge others (as superior judges based on human standards) and for them to be thankful. You see, what they had as children of God was a gift.

Being secure in our identity is recognizing where it really comes from.

Indeed, as children of God, we have received His grace. We have received eternal life. We have received daughtership.

This gives us real security.


Security is recognizing what we have as children of God.

Humility is recognizing what we have as gifts from God.

What we have is not based on our performance. It’s based on God’s love, mercy and grace.

We all fall short.

But in Jesus we are children of God, secure and perfect in Jesus’ righteousness imputed to us.

Focusing on our identity in Christ helps us remain humble

When I was a young mum, I struggled with comparisonitis. When I nailed motherhood, pride took over. When I failed, despair permeated my emotions.

But by God’s grace, I’m now at a point where I realize my identity is in Jesus, and my performance is no longer what defines me.

Questions for reflection

1. How can understanding God’s gifts give you real security and true humility?

2. How do these verses help mothers not fall into rivalry, judgementalism and comparisonitis? (read 1 Corinthians 4:1-7).


Thank you, Father, that as your child, I’m secure. Thank you that when you see me, you see me in Jesus’ righteousness. Thank you that you call me to become like Jesus in character and to become the unique mother you designed me to be. Thank you for your gift of salvation. Thank you for loving me so much that you chose to give me eternal life with you. Amen.

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