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The Christmas Present – A Short Story For Children

Today I’m sharing with you a short story for children that is related to the Christian faith.

This short story focuses on these teaching points:

  • God is sovereign (Romans 8:28)
  • God provides (2 Corinthians 9:8)
  • God loves children and wants to bless them (Mark 10:13-16)

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The illustrations were done by my three children: Abby, Priscila, and Daniel.

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The Christmas Gift – A Short Story for Children

Jessie sat down in front of the fireplace and a tear trickled down her cheek. Christmas wasn’t going to be the same without daddy. She’d been looking forward to ice-skating with him and watching Christmas movies together, but the message he’d sent that morning dashed all her hopes.

Important project. Very sorry. Away for Christmas. The words swam around her head like little needles pricking her heart. Why oh why does daddy have to work at Christmas? She thought to herself.

Matthew came in and sat down next to her. 

-Christmas won’t be the same without daddy – Jessie said.

– Yeah, it’s rubbish. Hey, tell you what, let’s ask mummy to take us ice-skating.

Abby, my eldest daughter, illustrated Jessie crying in front of the fireplace

Hannah, their mum, came into the living room:

-Ice-skating? Yes, of course, I’ll take you. And then we’ll come home and have hot chocolate with marshmallows – she said smiling down at them and Jess smiled back.

Her mummy always knew how to make her feel better.

They left the house and headed to the ice-skating rink on the other side of town.

When the children had skated for an hour, Hannah called them to go back home for hot chocolate and cookies.

The next day was Christmas eve, and even though Hannah organized some games and activities for Jess and Matthew, Jessie was sad. Christmas just wasn’t the same without daddy. That night when her mother was doing Bible and prayer time with her, she whispered a prayer:

-Please God, please help daddy to come home for Christmas. Even if he can’t stay with us forever. Please just for Christmas. Amen.

Hannah looked at Jess with tears in her eyes.

-Oh sweetie… I know you’re sad. You know that the reason daddy can’t come is that his boss told him to work on a special project over Christmas. But you know what Jess? God is our Father and whatever happens, He is always good and even if things don’t always go the way we want He has the best for us.

And then Jess’ mummy prayed:

– God I know that You are sovereign and Your will is for our good, even when we have to face problems. Thank you that you love us. Amen.

Hannah tucked Jess into bed, turned the light off and left. Jess looked up at the ceiling and kept praying

-Please Jesus, please Jesus. Let daddy come home.

And then Jess remembered what her mum had told her that no matter what God loved her and they could trust Him. Jess prayed again

-Thank you Jesus that you love me. Please help daddy come home.

And with that, she turned over and fell asleep.

The next morning Jess woke up with a start. It was the front door slamming! And then she heard a voice.

-Daddy – she shouted as she jumped out of bed.

She ran into the living room and straight into her father’s arms.

-Are you having Christmas with us, daddy?

-Yes – he replied – we’re going to have so much fun, sweetie.

-Yay!! I prayed to Jesus that you would come for Christmas and you did come!

After a lovely breakfast of toast and hot chocolate, the happy family headed to the ice rink, and then made a snowman. In the afternoon they played games and watched a Christmas movie.

It was only at dinner time that Hannah’s mum said it was time for presents.

-Oh, I’d forgotten about presents! – said Jessie – I’ve already got the best present this Christmas: daddy’s home and we’re all together!

The end

Short story by: Anna Hawkes Cabral

Illustrations by: Abby, Priscila, Daniel Cabral

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The Christmas Present

the christmas present - short Christian story for children

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