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The Lost Treasure – A Short Story For Children

Today I’m sharing a short story for children that is about a theme common to most people: losing important items. This could be a wallet, a photograph, a ring, or a pair of keys.

In this short story, Linda loses an earring that her mum and dad gave to her at Christmas. After looking for it for a while, her mum suggested they pray about it, and when they did, they found it in an unexpected place.

This short story aims to teach children the following points:

  • God hears our prayers (1 Peter 3:12)
  • God cares about all the little details of our lives (Luke 12:7)

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The illustrations were done by my children, by the way. 🙂

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So let’s jump right into the story:

The Lost Treasure – A Short Story for Children

It was a cold blustery day in London. Linda looked out of the window and snuggled deeper into her warm blanket, and then went back to reading the fairy tale book in her hand.

Lost in the world of The Princess and the Pea, she didn’t notice her brother Michael coming into the room.

– Hey! Shall we ask mum about the cinema this evening?

– Ah, yeah – she muttered and went back to reading. When she finished, she heard her mummy and Michael talking about the cinema trip.

– Is it ok if we go this evening? John and Stuart are going with their families.

 – I’ll check with dad but it should be ok.

– Check what? – asked their dad as he walked into the living room – Ah you mean the film. Yes, that’s fine.

– I’ll take my pink dress and the new dangly earrings you gave me at Christmas – said Linda.

She ran into her bedroom to get ready. First, she brushed her hair and put her pink dress on, and then she put on her necklace. The last touch was her earrings. She got the first one from the jewellery box and put it on. Then just as she was about to put the second earring on, it slipped from her hand and fell. 

-Oh no!-  Linda got down on her knees and started searching on the floor.  

– Mummy! – she shouted – I can’t find my earring.

– What happened, sweetie? – asked Sarah coming into the room.

– Well, I was about to put my earring on but it fell from my hand. I looked all over the floor and I can’t find it anywhere. 

– I’ll help you – said Sarah

They searched but they couldn’t see it anywhere.

– Maybe it fell under the chest of drawers. 

Linda’s mum moved it but all they could see were dust balls. 

– Let me get a dustpan and brush to see if that will help. –  said, Sarah. She swept behind the chest of drawers and then under the bed, but they still couldn’t see the earring anywhere.

– It’s so strange. I’m sorry sweetie but I don’t think we’ll have time to find it now. The film starts in an hour.

– Mummy! I wanted to take the earrings! Please help me. Please, mummy.

– Ok, let’s pray we’ll find it – said Sarah. So they both prayed that Jesus would help them.

– I don’t know where else to look. – said Sarah when they’d finished praying – Tell me again where you dropped it.

– Well I got it from the box and I was about to put it on and then it fell. 

– Hmm. It should be near. Maybe under the bookcase. We haven’t looked there.

Sarah and Linda knelt down on the floor and just as Linda reached down to look under the bookcase she heard something hard fall on the floor

– My earring! It was inside my dress!

– Mystery solved! But why didn’t you feel it?

–  It must have been in between my dress and my top!

Later that evening when Linda sat with her family at the cinema, she fingered her earring and smiled

– Thank you, Jesus- she whispered.  

Abby’s illustration of the cinema

PDF version ⬇️

The Lost Treasure

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