I’m Launching A Podcast!

Yes, it’s true! I decided to launch a podcast for mums. Wahey!

What? Who? Why? When? How?

Don’t worry, I’ll answer those questions in this blog post, so settle down and read through. 🙂


So the Unique Mums Podcast will be a non-fiction podcast show compromised of short Christian devotions. Each devotion will contain a focus Bible verse, a short reflection with my personal stories and application, a few reflection questions for you and a prayer.

Also, each show will have a corresponding blog post where you will be able to see the written down devotion, the prayer and the questions for reflection, as well as the Bible verse links. Like the podcast episodes, the corresponding blog posts will go live every Thursday.

The theme of the first 6-week season is called Rest in God and it’s specifically about how we can find rest in God amidst the busyness of life.


This podcast will be hosted solely by myself (for now) and it is aimed at Christian mums.


The idea for this podcast came to me when I spoke to several mums on social media and I realized that a lot of them struggled with doing devotions and spending time in God’s word due to the busyness of their lives.

As a young mother, I too struggled in this area, so when these mums shared with me I was able to relate. So much so, that I realized that a good way to serve Christian mums would be to do short audio devotions that they could listen to while going about their day.

In fact, the reason I chose a podcast is that, unlike video broadcasting, mums will be able to listen while simultaneously folding the laundry, driving, cooking, breastfeeding or any other activity that requires visual attention.


The Podcast will have one new episode launched every Thursday during each season. Each season will contain 6 episodes around a theme.

Some seasons will run back to back, while others may contain a short break in between if there are Christmas, Easter or Summer holidays.

So the calendar for 2022 is as follows:

13 January – 31 March – Seasons 1 & 2

21 April – 7 July – Seasons 3 & 4

29 September – 15 December – Seasons 5& 6


The Podcast will be initially available on Spotify. Later I may consider using other platforms.

So that’s it! I hope and pray that this Podcast will be of interest to you, dear momma. If you have any questions please send me an email or contact me through social media. I’m happy to answer your queries. 🙂

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