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Embracing The Moment

This is the fourth episode in the Rule of Life series on the Podcast, and today we’re looking at the importance of embracing the moment.

Scripture shows us that while on earth, Jesus was fully present to what God set before Him. Jesus did not live a life of rush, distraction, or hustle.

For more on this, listen to the podcast episode below and scroll further down for the notes:

Podcast Notes – Embracing The Moment

When you read about Jesus’s life, what strikes you most about the way He lived? You might say how He loved and served others, or the way Jesus taught and healed people.

One thing that always strikes me about the way Jesus lived is how present He was. Jesus never seemed to rush and hustle around. Jesus would take time to engage with people at a deep level – without ever losing the intentionality of spending time alone with God, and with His closest disciples.

In other words, Jesus was both interruptible and intentional in the way He lived. Jesus both contemplated and engaged. Jesus both planned and went with the flow. This is evident throughout the Gospel accounts. 

The word of God – embodied in the life of Jesus – point us to the importance of slowing down and engaging with the people God places before us as well as spending time in communion with the Father. And doing all these slowly, deeply, intentionally. Not half heartedly. Not superficially. Not distractedly. 

What a challenge for us in the West! God invites us to a life of depth, rather than a life of superficiality. A life focused on God’s glory, rather than a life focused on self-glory. A life driven by community, rather than a life driven by popularity. In short, a life of walking with Jesus.

To hear more about Jesus’ beautiful intentionality in the way He lived and how Jesus desires that for us as mothers, listen in to today’s episode!

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