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The Lord Is My Shepherd

From the Rest in God Devotional Series

Today I’m sharing devotion number six in the Rest in God Series: The Lord Is My Shepherd. The focus verse comes with an amazing encouragement about God’s gentle leading and protection.

Here goes today’s devotion on this Blog and on the Podcast.

The Lord Is My Shepherd – S1 E2

Focus verse

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters. Psalm 23:1-2


I love today’s focus verse because it reminds me that no matter how I feel, God looks after me. 

It’s actually interesting how this verse describes God as a shepherd. 

One of the shepherd’s primary goals is to herd the sheep to places where there is forage. In other words, the shepherd helps provide for the sheep’s physical need for food.  

I don’t know about you, but I have gone through times in my life where I’ve felt stretched financially. 

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Times where money has been tight, and I’ve had to put my trust in God. And the one thing I’ve learnt through it all is that God has always provided! He has never let me lack anything! 

Sure, there have been times where I’ve felt I’d like more money for this and that, but God has always provided what I really need and given me joy and contentment to enjoy what I have. 

So when I go through trying circumstances where my faith is tested, I need only remember that God is my shepherd and because of Him I lack nothing. Isn’t that amazing?

Questions for reflection

  • Are you going through a trial that is testing your faith?
  • How can knowing that God is your shepherd help you in the midst of the trial? 


Thank you, Lord, that you are my shepherd and you provide for my every need. Thank you that because of You, I lack nothing! Thank you that in You, I can rest and be still because You are God. I need fear nothing for You are my rock, my provider and my shepherd.

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