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The Visitor – A Short Story For Children

Today I’m sharing a heart-warming short story about a boy who had an unexpected visitor in his garden one day.

If you’re new here on the blog, just a quick heads up. This blog is tailored to Christian mamas, so I share homemaking, motherhood and faith resources, and among these, I include short children’s stories, which I write and my children illustrate. 🙂

All these short stories have teaching points that are based on Biblical teaching.

Today, I’m sharing a short story about a little boy called Ken, who found a little girl in his garden one day and discovered she was running away from home.

In this short story, the main Biblical teaching points are:

  • Loving our neighbours (Mark 12:31)
  • The importance of humility and repentance as a lifestyle, including in parenting (Matthew 9:13, Psalm 51:17, Proverbs 22:6)

So here goes today’s story.

The Visitor – A Short Story For Children

Ken was sitting on the swing in his garden one sunny afternoon. The sky was blue and he could hear birds singing. 

Suddenly a noise startled him. The bushes in front were rustling!

– Who’s there? – asked Ken.

There was no answer. Ken got up and walked towards the bushes. 

– Hello? –  he said.

Still no reply.  Ken sighed and walked back to the swing. 

– Probably just a bird – he muttered to himself. 

Just as he was about to sit on the swing, he heard the rustle again. 

Ken went white. His hands trembled. 

– Who’s there? – he asked again. 

Still nothing. Ken knew what he needed to do. He walked to the bushes and swept the branches aside with his hands.  

And that’s when he saw her. A girl of about seven was crouched down holding her knees up to her face. 

– Who are you? – asked Ken. The fear had gone. Curiosity took over. 

– My my my name is is Samy.

– Samy? But where did you come from? 

Samy in the bushes – Illustration made by my eldest daughter, Abby

– I’m… I’m running away! 

– From where? 

– From home. 

– From home? Why? 

– My mummy and daddy lost their jobs. They’re poor now, and they’re so worried about everything. About getting enough food for us to eat. I don’t want them to worry about me anymore. 

– Oh… but you can’t just run away! Your mummy and daddy love you. Maybe if I tell my parents they can help your mummy and daddy.

– I don’t know… – said Samy.

– Come on! We can try. 

So later that afternoon, when Ken’s parents arrived home, he introduced them to Samy and told them all about the situation.

– I’m sorry to hear your story Samy, but we really need to get you back home – said Ken’s dad – your parents will be worried sick.

– Is there anything you can do to help Samy’s parents? – asked Ken.

– I don’t know, sweetie. We can try – said mummy.

– First thing’s first though – said daddy – Samy needs to go back home. 

So Ken’s dad drove them all back to Samy’s house, which was just two roads down from where they lived. 

When they arrived, they took Samy up to the front door, and after ringing the bell, Samy’s parents came running out. 

They held Samy and looked like they wouldn’t let go. A stream of questions flooded out.

– Samy! Where were you? Who are these people? We’ve been worried out of our minds.

– Mum! Dad! These people helped me!

And Samy told her parents the whole story.

Ken and Samy in the garden with a cat – drawing by my son, who imagined the cat!

– I just didn’t want you to have to worry about feeding me anymore! I know you are poor now – said Samy.

Samy’s mummy and daddy looked sad.

– We’re so sorry Samy. You’re more important to us than anything. We’re sorry we’ve been anxious about food and money. We have been trying to get jobs. Actually, we both have job interviews tomorrow!

– That’s great – said Ken’s dad – in the restaurant where I work they’re also looking for workers. And I also know someone who works for an employment agency. I can give you his phone number.

– Thank you so much – said Samy’s dad – that really helps.

– But for now – said Samy’s mother looking into her daughter’s eyes- let’s get inside, and have a hot soup, some bread and some cuddles.

– Yay – said Samy happily. 

A week later, Ken was at home playing when suddenly he heard the doorbell. He ran to open it and found Samy standing on the front step with her mum.

– Hi – said Ken shyly.

– Hi – said Samy – I just wanted to tell you, thank you for all your help. 

– And? – said her mum smiling

– And my mummy and daddy got jobs! 

– That’s great! – said Ken.

– And we came over to give you this as well – said Samy as she handed over a wrapped present.

Ken looked at it curiously and unwrapped the paper. Inside were some binoculars.

– For when you’re on the swing and hear noises coming from the bushes – said Samy with a laugh 

– Haha! Thank you.


If you liked this short story, read it to your kids and share it with friends. 🙂

the visitor - a short story for children

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