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Our God Who Is Sovereign – A Devotion For Mums

Today I thought I would share with you one of the daily devotions from the book I wrote in 2021, Beautiful Truth – A 21-Day Devotional for Mothers.

This particular one belongs to week 1, which focuses on who God is, and today we’re focusing on God’s sovereignty.


Ephesians 1:3–14

It was a sunny afternoon, and I took my children to a nearby park for playtime. We’d only been there for a few minutes when Daniel tripped and hit his forehead on the ground.

We rushed home amongst tears and blood in search of alcohol to clean the wound. As soon as I began dabbing the wound, Daniel started crying harder and begged me to stop.

All the while my heart was breaking. Yet, I persisted! I needed to ensure the wound didn’t get infected. But Daniel couldn’t understand why I was causing him more pain instead of helping him feel better. 

Similarly, God often lets us experience pain, because He loves us. God knows what would happen if He didn’t treat us with His healing hand. But sometimes it hurts. 

If you are going through a painful situation today, dear momma, please know that God loves you and He is sovereign. Trust Him to heal your wounds, no matter how painful the process.

Questions for reflection

1. What painful situations in your life require God’s healing hand?

2. How can knowing that God is sovereign change the way you pray?


Thank You, Father, for being sovereign. In Your sovereignty, You chose me to be Your child. In Your sovereignty sometimes You say “no” to my prayers. In Your sovereignty sometimes You allow me to wait for what I ask. And in Your sovereignty sometimes You say “yes”. Thank You for knowing the beginning and the end. Thank You for always being good and loving me. Thank You, Lord, that I can trust in You.


Excerpt from Beautiful Truth – A 21-Day Devotional for Mothers.

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Our God who is Sovereign - A devotion for mums


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