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The Robin – A Short Story For Children

Today I’m sharing a short story about a little boy called Mark who struggled to find friends at school and so he made friends with an animal. Later on, though he was encouraged by a teacher to seek human friendships too.

This short story aims to teach children the following point:

  • God created us for human relationships (Genesis 2)

So here goes today’s short story:

The Robin – A Short Story for Children

Mark walked to school with his mum one snowy day in January. He loved school at this time of year as the teachers let the kids play in the snow during the breaks.

When they arrived at school, Mark went straight to his classroom. Miss Jones arrived and started the geography lesson. Mark tried to listen, but he couldn’t concentrate. He kept looking out of the window and thinking about his friend. 

– Mark! Are you listening? – Miss Jones said crossly.

– Sorry, miss. I got a bit distracted.

– Mark, that’s the third time today! If it happens again, I’ll have to cut your break time.

– I’m sorry. Please don’t do that.

– Ok, well, pay attention then.

Mark made a big effort to listen for the rest of the lesson, but as soon as he heard the bell, he sighed with relief. Mark ran to get his coat and went to the playground. Finally free! 

He ran straight to the trees at the bottom and looked up at the branches. And then Mark saw him. The robin was perched on one of the branches at the back of the tree.

– Hello little fella. Did you miss me? 

The robin put his head to the side as if listening. Mark smiled.

– You’re very handsome.

My daughter, Abby, did this illustration

The robin seemed to like this and hopped onto another branch closer to where Mark was standing.

Just then, Mark heard a voice.

– Mark! Is that why you were always looking out of the window? Because of the robin?

Mark turned around.

– Yes, Miss Jones. I’m sorry, it’s just that I found him here last week and I’ve come to see him every day.

Terry Montague on Unsplash

– I see – said Miss Jones, her brow furrowed.  Mark recognized the expression. When he had told his mum and dad about his new friend they had also looked worried. 

Just then, Mark heard Peter and Tom calling out instructions to each other for their game of football on the pitch nearby.

I guess I can try again – thought Mark to himself as he walked over to them.

– Hey! Can I play with you?

– In those clothes? – said Tom with a snigger.

Mark sighed. 

I shouldn’t have bothered. At least animals don’t say nasty things to me – thought Mark. But before he could walk away, Peter spoke up.

– Hey hey hey! Tom get a grip! Are you for real? – said Peter – I’m sorry I teased you the other day, Mark. I just kind of went along with Tom.

– That’s ok. I mean I was sad. But I forgive you.

– You two are such losers – said Tom as he walked off. Peter shrugged and said:

– Do you want to play a game of footie?

Mark and Peter played for the rest of break time, and by the time they finished the game, they were talking and laughing like old friends. When they sat down at their desks back in the classroom, Mark caught Miss Jones’ eye and they smiled at each other. He understood her now. And his parents. They just wanted the best for him.

Mark looked out of the window and then at the desk where Peter was sitting. He was glad he had made a friend. 

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Download the PDF with the story here.

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