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In Peace I Will Lie Down And Sleep

From the Rest in God Devotional Series

Today I’m sharing the fifth devotion in the 6-week Rest in God Devotional Series on this Blog and on the Podcast and it’s called: “In peace I will lie down and sleep” based on Psalm 4:8.

Listen to the Podcast episode and go through the bible references and prayer below.

In peace I will lie down and sleep – Podcast S1 E5

Focus verse

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety.

Psalm 4:8


In the world, there are wars, calamities and diseases. We need only watch the news to see that. And for us as Christians, problems are not just out there happening to unbelievers. We too battle with problems: fatigue, financial setbacks, viruses, strained relationships with friends and family members.  If we focus on these it’s easy to start feeling stressed. But God desires to fill us with His peace. He yearns for us to put our hope and trust in Him. He wants us to surrender to His rule, so that we can grow in holiness and persevere in the faith, despite our problems.

in peace I will lie down and sleep
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For me personally, this is a challenge at times. There are times when I feel anxious when I look at my circumstances. My natural tendency is to worry, instead of putting my faith in God. Yet, God desires that I meditate on the truth that never changes. God is in control. God is love. God is powerful. God causes all things to work together for the good of those who love Him.

As a sister in Christ, you can probably relate to this temptation of anxiety and also this challenge to trust in God. Let us grow together in trust so that we can rest in Him.

Questions for reflection

  • What current circumstances are stressing you?
  • How can you apply God’s word to your circumstances?


Thank You, Lord, that despite my temporary circumstances, You are unchanging. Thank You that Your love never fails. Thank You that You are always good. Thank You that You make me dwell in safety because my soul is safe in your arms. Amen.

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