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Fixing Our Gaze On Him

To step out in faith, we need to fix our gaze on Jesus. This is the third devotion in the Stepping Out In Faith Devotional Series on the blog and podcast called: Fixing Our Gaze On Him.

This devotion focuses on the story of Peter walking on water towards Jesus from Matthew 14.

Fixing Our Gaze On Him

Focus verse

“Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.” – Matthew 14:28


I find it fascinating that after the disciples were terrified because of seeing Jesus walking on water, Peter tested to see whether this was really Jesus.

He asked that if it was Jesus, He would call Peter to come to the water.

Peter believed that if it really was Jesus, then in His calling there would be authority and he, Peter, could also walk on water.

Peter’s faith was basically about two things: he believed the person walking on water was Jesus, and that in Jesus’ authority, Peter would also be able to walk on water.

This is remarkable when you think that Peter was well acquainted with the dangers of rough waters! He probably knew many fishermen who died in them.

Yet his faith in Jesus was greater because his eyes were fixed on Him, not on natural phenomena, “realistic” beliefs, and experiences. He relied not on his own experience of the wind and the waves but on this new and beautiful reality of the God-man who had power over the natural elements.

As I look back at my moments of faith during my lifetime, I realize that when I’ve stepped out in faith, it’s not that I’ve forgotten external circumstances or other people’s opinions, it’s that I’ve been focused on the greatness of God. And so faith rises and fear falls. It’s beautiful to witness and experience.

Questions for reflection

– Which of God’s attributes helps you to grow in faith?

– Can you think of a situation when you refused to believe the lies of the enemy and the world and looked only at God’s promises in faith?

– How can you share this situation with your children? (If you have very young children, could you journal it to share with them when they’re older?)


Help me, Lord God, to fix my gaze on You today. Help me not to focus on my circumstances, experiences, and lack of belief, but to know that You are all-powerful and good. You are my good Father. Thank You for that. Thank You I am Your child and You love me. Help me trust in You no matter what, and help me follow You no matter what the trial, tribulation, or pain. Help me keep my eyes fixed on You.


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