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The Work He Gave Us To Do

From the Redeeming Time Devotional Series

Today I’m sharing the first devotion in the 6-week Redeeming Time Devotional Series on this Blog and on the Podcast and it’s called: “The Work He Gave Us To Do” based on John 17:4.

Listen to the Podcast episode and go through the bible references and prayer below.

The Work He Gave Us To Do – S2 E1

Focus verse

I glorified you on earth, having accomplished the work that you gave me to do. John 17:4


God has given us mommas work to do: taking care of our children while they’re under our responsibility, providing for them, loving them, instructing them in righteousness and leading them to Jesus. 

Jesus’ mission on earth was perhaps slightly different to ours because He did not have children under his responsibility. But one of the things we can learn from Jesus’ life is that He accomplished the work the Father gave Him to do.

I don’t know what other work or responsibilities you have, but I do know that if you’re a mum with children who are under your care, the work of raising them is part of the work God has given you to do. 

Maybe it doesn’t sound glamorous, sophisticated, or intellectually stimulating, nevertheless, it’s a work that gives purpose and real joy.

When I spend time with my kids, simply playing with them, instructing them in God’s work and explaining the gospel, I feel such a sense of accomplishment and peace knowing that I’m doing what God wills me to do.

In pursuing my children’s eternal well-being, I know that’s better than any short-term pleasure the world tells me I am entitled to: self-care regimes, consumerism, entertainment. 

Pursuing what is eternal, and not what is temporary brings me joy.

Questions for reflection

  1. How do you feel when you reflect on God’s purposes for you as a mother?
  2. How can you reject the lies of the world regarding the pursuit of pleasure instead of the pursuit of eternal gain?


Lord God, I pray that you would help us to really focus on what you want us to do as Christian mums. Help us to focus on teaching our children the Gospel, teaching them righteousness, teaching them the word, teaching them how to have a relationship with You. And help us to reject the lies of the world about what we need to do to love ourselves and take care of ourselves first, instead of focusing on our children and how we can love them. And help us to focus on our children’s eternal gain, instead of short term pleasures. I pray you give us wisdom, purpose and joy through all of this. Amen.

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