Faith,  Impact Study Guide

Unit 2 – Why Impact?

This Bible Study Guide is based on the book: Impact: Gospel Hope For Every Woman. (Available on Kindle Unlimited for free reading and available on all Amazon marketplaces.)


Individual / Group – Spend some time in prayer asking God to bless this Bible study time asking Him to reveal His love and His gospel and lead you into all truth.


What is impact?

Individual –  Brainstorm definitions and write them in your journal.

Group – Brainstorm as a group.


Note down your answers to these questions in a journal

Individual – Answer the questions below in a journal and consider sharing your answers with your husband, or a trusted friend, or family member.

Group – Answer the questions below in pairs. Discuss as a group.

  1. Read Acts 8:26-40 and notice the impact the Gospel had on the Eunuch. What did he do after he understood the Good News of God’s Redemption through Jesus?
  2. What impact did the Gospel have on you when you first believed?
  3. Can you think of a time in your life when someone did or said something that impacted you positively in the Christian faith (this could be someone you know, or someone you don’t know personally). Describe the situation.

Questions for Reflection

Individual / Group – Answer the following questions in a journal.

  1. What types o​​f Gospel are referred to in the Bible (and mentioned in the chapter “Why Impact”)? Write some of the Bible verse references mentioned.
  2. What three types of Gospel or Good News will be shared in this book (Impact: Gospel Hope For Every Woman)?
  3. Think about how you react to Good News from the Bible. What attitudes, actions, and feelings do you have when you reflect on Good News?

Group – Look through your answers to the Questions for Reflection. Discuss in pairs. Share in the group.

Next Step

Individual / Group

– Read the next chapter in the book Impact: Gospel Hope For Every Woman – “From Conformity to Uniqueness”. Then do the next unit in this study guide (Unit 3 – linked below). 

Next Unit – Unit 3

Previous Unit – Unit 1

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