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For We Walk By Faith – A Devotion For Mothers

Hi mama! Today I’m sharing a new devotion for mothers about the importance of progression in faith as we walk with Jesus.

If you’re new here to the Unique Mums blog, my name’s Anna and I write Christian devotions for mothers in which I give examples related to motherhood as well as specific motherhood questions to apply the devotions.

As a mama of three young children, I feel the importance of growing in faith as I disciple my kids, and I pray that because of my life, one day my children will disciple others too. I pray God will advance His Kingdom through us, that we would be faithful in obeying His Great Commission.

So without further ado, here goes today’s devotion:

For We Walk By Faith – A Devotion For Mothers

Focus verse

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” – 2 Corinthians 5:7


The Christian life is not about deciding to have faith in Jesus one day, and then maintaining the same amount of faith forever.

The Christian life is a journey. We grow in faith as we walk through life with Jesus by our side. Faith is supposed to be a dynamic and organic current that transforms us from the inside out.

When I was fifteen I had faith in Jesus for salvation, but that faith is nowhere near the one I have today. As I’ve grown and applied Biblical truth more and more to my life, I have developed stronger faith muscles.

Walking by faith is a moment by moment intentionality of putting our faith in God’s word, instead of turning to what is the visible reality around us.

And it’s this faith that I want my children to experience. I don’t want the faith they have now at the ages of eight, six and five to be the same as ten years from now. I pray that as they grow, they will gain deeper understanding of the Bible and increasingly put their faith in God as they walk through life.

So my prayer is that as I grow in faith, I impact my children’s lives and they too blossom in their faith in Jesus.

Questions for reflection

– How do you tend to grow in your faith? What experiences help stretch your faith muscles?

– Think of a recent situation in which God tested your faith. What lessons did you learn that you can pass on to your children?

– How can you teach your children to act in faith?


Lord, stretch my faith and help me to really grow. Instead of giving way to anxiety, help my mind to be fixed on You and the wonders of Your love and provision. Help me to trust in You with all my heart.

Lord, may I teach my children by my example, and may they become disciples that make disciples.

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