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“What Kind Of Blogger Are You?” – I’m Glad You Asked

Today I’m answering this question, because…

One – I feel that sometimes there are misconceptions and stereotypes about bloggers and what they do, and

Two – I don’t see my primary role to be that of a blogger, but I do blog so it’s important I explain what I do and why I do it.


I’m a blogger because I have and write for a blog, but I don’t consider blogging as one of my primary roles. I prefer to call myself a writer.

And the reason for that is because even though I write blog posts on a regular basis (twice a week to be exact) and I often I write about my personal experience, blogging is part of my author business.

In other words, the purpose of my blog isn’t just about being present on Pinterest (although it is), having a following on Instagram (although it has).

So what is the Unique Mums blog for?

🌹 Giving free content about faith topics, which are then delt with in more depth in my books. If you don’t want to buy the books you still get to read blog posts;

🌹 Giving people answers to questions they are asking in search engines related to homemaking, motherhood and faith, which sometimes also involves mentioning products and services that I use and recommend;

(This is very important to make clear: I only recommend products that I use.)

🌹 Offering value to other mums with content about homemaking, child activities, and other information that is useful to them while adding my own experience when applicable;

🌹 Showcasing my work as a writer and content creator in order to reach mums who will consider my content, books and journals of value and particular interest to them.

So, now I’m going to answer the question in the title:

“What kind of blogger are you?”

There are many types of blogger.

There are bloggers who are influencers and get sponsored to talk about certain products. (I’m nowhere near there 😂)

Then there are the bloggers who log about their lives in great detail and show photos on Instagram on a daily basis.

There are bloggers who do SEO and get money from affiliate marking.

And then there are bloggers like me who do blogging both to draw attention to their writing and content, as well as to provide value.

If you follow me on Instagram, or Pinterest you know that I’m very discreet about my children and husband, and indeed about many details of my life.

As a matter of personal conviction, I don’t share face photos of my kids, and I don’t share every little detail of my life.

In fact, I don’t like being constantly connected to social media, so how’s that for an “out of the box” blogger? 😆

This is me with the first edition of my book Unique

What I do is that I share my experience as a mum, homemaker and Jesus disciple by sharing what I have learnt, what I’m learning or what has helped me personally.

I also research and write articles that I hope will help people and offer value, and I write short devotions that are specific for mums.

So that’s it about me and my work as a blogger today, but as always I hope you found this content educational and inspiring. 🙂


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