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7 Things To Do Every Day For A Cleaner Home

As mommas, we know that having a showroom home is an impossible and fruitless endeavour. There are certain things, however, that we can do each day to help our house look generally clean. So today, let’s explore 7 things to do every day for a cleaner home.

So without further ado, here goes.

7 Things To Do Every Day For A Cleaner Home

1. Spot clean the bathrooms

Don’t worry about cleaning the whole bathroom each day. Simply clean one part of each bathroom each day (Mondays – mirrors; Tuesdays – floors; Wednesdays – surfaces; Thursdays – bath tubs or shower areas; Fridays – deep clean toilets).

2. Dust and hoover one room or set of rooms each day

Don’t clean the whole house in one go. Simply dust and hoover one room per day. If your house is big, you could clean two or three rooms. (On Tuesdays, for instance, I clean our three bedrooms.)

The key is to break down tasks into manageable chunks. The TOMM cleaning routine is amazing at breaking down house cleaning into areas.

3. Clean kitchen surfaces

Use antibacterial spray or vinegar and clean kitchen surfaces each time you cook. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, add a few drops of essential oil (I love lavender) to the water and vinegar mixture (1 cup of vinegar for each liter of water).

4. Clean floors in meal areas

Sweep or hoover away crumbs after meals. I love using my cordless Dyson V8 hoover for this, but you can simply use a broom if you don’t want to take out your hoover each time you need to clean the floor.

5. Sweep or hoover entrance hall

By cleaning the entrance hall regularly, you will catch dust and debris before it gets a chance to travel to the rest of the house. If you have hard floors you can also mop the floors quickly, as this will help remove even more dust and hair.

6. Sort out rubbish and recycling

There’s nothing worse than having rubbish lying around the house or overflowing from the bins. Create a system to help you with the recycling (for instance; Monday – sort plastic, Wednesday – sort paper, Friday – sort glass).

7. Declutter

Organize or tidy items around the house by either putting them away in appropriate containers or reassigning them in the right rooms. You can do this at the end of each day with a big basket that you take from room to room to help you reassign items to the right rooms and an extra bag to put rubbish in.

Decluttering is one of the main ways we keep our homes organized and clean, so I really recommend this step.

Thank you for reading.

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