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10 Time-Saving Hacks For Christian Mothers

As busy mums, we’re constantly looking for hacks to help us manage the load. I think one day, when my kids are adults, I’ll look back and wonder at how much I managed to get done in one day! Having said that, as busy mommas we need a break. That’s where time-saving comes in.

These time-saving hacks are not supposed to give you more time to fill your schedule with more things—unless you really have to—but rather to help you have more time for your priorities – family time, rest, focused time on your established commitments.

So here goes:

10 Time-Saving Hacks For Busy Mums

1. Spend time with God

Spending time with God is a number one priority

This seems counter-intuitive in our world mindset, but this is what we can call a wise time investment. When we spend time with God, three wonderful things happen: God takes away our anxiety, God gives us a new perspective, God gives us His strength to carry on.

2. Use planners for extra busy days

I highly recommend you do this for the mental health benefits, if nothing else. I use a daily planner, which really helps me for two reasons. One, by writing what I need to do, it helps me to release the mental load. Two, by writing my tasks, I’m more able to put things into perspective and prioritize accordingly.

3. Track how you spend your time over 3 days

This is another one that might seem counter-intuitive, but by jotting down your activities as you complete each one, you will gain awareness of what you actually spend time on.

So take 3 days to track what you do, even simple things like: social media scrolling, answering messages, doing make-up, putting the rubbish out.

This will help bring you a fresh perspective on what you need to prioritize and what you don’t.

4. Delegate / Reduce / Throw

Now that you’ve looked at how you spend your time, spend 5 minutes looking at what you need to delegate (for instance, to your kids or husband), reduce (for instance, social media), throw out completely (for instance, an activity that perhaps should not take your precious time in this stage of your life).

5. Batch cook

Batch cook to save time. Photo credit: Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Batch cooking is great for saving time on busy days. The kind of batch cooking I’m talking about is not about making enough food to feed an army.

Rather, it’s about making a double quantity of a meal and then eating one part, and either freezing or refrigerating the other part for another day – depending on how far ahead that will be.

6. Create a cleaning routine

Instead of wondering what to clean, or doing all the clean in one big time slot, consider breaking down the cleaning into specific tasks for specific days and creating a routine.

I love the TOMM cleaning routine because it deals with everyday tasks (beds, spot cleaning bathrooms), general room cleaning, and focused deep cleaning.

7. Automate

Perhaps there are several tasks that you do over and over, and which you could automate – i.e. setting home appliances on timers.

8. Batch tasks

This is a tip I use for most of my social media content (Pinterest pins, and Instagram graphic posts), as well as for my “life admin” tasks. Although, I confess that for certain tasks I prefer to do a little each day. This is true about my book writing approach, as well as my blog post writing!

9. Multitask compatible activities

Multitask activities that are compatible; usually a mind activitity (e.g. listening to an audiobook or a podcast) and a physical activity (cleaning, cycling, cooking). Photo credit: Towfiqu on Unsplash

Make the most of housework time, to listen to audio messages, podcasts, or online training. Use your exercise time to listen to an audiobook, or, if you’re a writer like me, do dictation while walking. The key to multitasking is to find compatible activities, usually a mind activity and a physical activity.

10. Shop online and meal plan

By not going physically to the shops, you save yourself at 30-60 minutes a week (think traffic, parking, roaming around the shop).

For online shopping to work successfully, make sure you have a meal plan that you have on rotation, then simply add the ingredient list to your basket and any other extras.

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