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Sandy And The Easter Egg Hunt

If you’re new here at Unique Mums, just a quick heads up. This blog is for Christian mommas, so I share homemaking, motherhood and faith resources, and among these, I include short children’s stories, which I write, and sometimes my children illustrate.

The short stories are either overtly Christian in theme, or they’re general stories for children, which contain Biblical teaching points.

Today’s story is about a bunny rabbit called Sandy, who is worried about doing Easter Egg Hunts because of his experience in losing games, and being laughed at by others. This story is aimed at children ages 4-6.

In this short story, the main Biblical teaching points are:

– not being anxious about tomorrow (Matthew 6:34)

– friendship is more important than competition (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)

Sandy And The Easter Egg Hunt

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in Great Green Forrest, and Sandy, the rabbit, hopped around joyfully. He loved Springtime. The lady rabbits had babies, which meant new friends for him, there were beautiful flowers everywhere, and the sun shone and warmed the ground.

Just as he was about to go back to his burrow, Sandy saw Floppy, his best friend from school. 

– Hello, Sandy! I have an invitation for you. I’m going to do this year’s Mega Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow afternoon. I just invited Bugs, Trix, and Ruby, and they said they’re coming. Do you want to come too?

– Humm well, I have to see if I can — said Sandy.

– Please do!

– Alright — said Sandy

As Sandy hopped home, he worried. The Mega Easter Egg Hunt was a big Egg Hunt divided into small rounds in which the animals had to look for specific coloured eggs, in specific places. The previous year, he hadn’t won any of the rounds and some of the other rabbits had laughed at him. Maybe he could get out of it somehow.

Just then, Sandy saw Bushy the squirrel approaching.

– Hello, Sandy! What are you thinking about? You look a bit worried.

– I’m just worried because Floppy invited me to the Mega Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow, and when I went last year, I didn’t win any of the rounds!

– What’s the matter with not winning? I don’t usually win games either. Don’t you share the chocolates at the end? — said Bushy.

– Well, we do. But last year I didn’t win once, and they laughed at me. 

– Who laughed at you? 

– Some of the bunnies who came last year to the party: Peter Rabbit, Miffy, Ruby and Bugs. I know Ruby and Bugs are coming this year. What if they laugh at me again?

– Don’t worry about that. I’ll help you. We’ll practise. 

– Really? Thank you, Bushy. 

So after going home to get the eggs, Bushy and Sandy met again in the clearing, and they spent the afternoon playing Easter Egg Hunts. But practising didn’t help Sandy, as he only won two of the twelve rounds. Sandy was not confident he would win any of the egg hunts, and he worried more than ever that he would be laughed at. Then to top it all off, in the evening his tummy started hurting from all the sugar! Maybe now I won’t have to go – said Sandy to himself. 

But the next day, Sandy was feeling better, and when Bushy came to his house to go with him to the Mega Easter Egg Hunt, he didn’t have the heart to back down. He knew he was going to be laughed at again, but he couldn’t see a way out.

But much to his surprise, when Sandy and Bushy arrived at the clearing, Floppy was the only bunny there! There were some hares, a few mice and one or two hedgehogs. And that was it! 

– What happened to the other bunnies? — asked Sandy to Floppy

– Well, they spent yesterday practising Easter egg hunts, and eating chocolate, and today they all had tummy aches!

– Ah! That’s what happened to me as well! But I’m well now! I ate fifteen chocolate eggs.

– Well, do you know what, Sandy? Ruby ate twenty-five eggs, Trix ate forty eggs, and Bugs ate nearly sixty! Their mummies had to call Linda, the hare, to come and nurse them.

– Poor things.

– Well, I guess they shouldn’t have been so greedy and wanted to win all the games.

– You know, I also did the same thing yesterday with Bushy, but that was because I didn’t want to lose all the time.

– Really? 

– Well, last year some of the rabbits laughed at me. I remember it was Ruby, and Bugs, and Trix.

– I didn’t know about that! But do you know what, Sandy? I don’t care if you win or lose  And those other rabbits only win because they spend most of the year practising. You do other things, like playing with me. You’re the best friend ever.

– Aww you’re the best friend ever too.

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