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5 Last-Minute Tips For Mamas Preparing Christmas

Ok, so today I thought I’d share some practical tips for mamas who are preparing Christmas for the family.

These tips are all working for me at the moment, and while it’s a fact that we can’t and shouldn’t control everything (aka micromanaging, or trying to control others!) we can still do our part in organising Christmas in such a way that will enable it to be a blessing to those around us.

So without further ado, here are some last-minute tips for mamas preparing Christmas.

5 Last-Minute Tips For Mamas Preparing Christmas

1. Write a checklist and go through it one task at a time

The best way I get organised is by writing things down and then checking them off my list. What with Christmas eve with my husband’s family, Christmas day with mine, and my middle daughter’s birthday on the 26th, I need to write lists in order not to forget anything! (I might still forget something, but at least I’m trying not to! 😀 )

So I would suggest this approach to you, too. In this checklist, include items like cleaning, shopping lists, gift wrapping, arrangements with friends and family, food delivery to charity groups, Christmas church event prep. The next few items in this blog post can be included in this checklist.

2. Do a food inventory

Hosting Christmas lunch? Inviting friends over for drinks and desserts? Doing a church bring and share? Go through your kitchen cupboards, fridge, freezer and pantry and see what’s missing.

Then write a shopping list and try to get all the missing items in one go. Finally, group them together in certain places to keep them organised. For instance, Christmas Eve food in one drawer or cupboard, New Year’s Eve food in another, and so on.

3. Do a last-minute speed clean

Does your house need a clean before your family comes over for Christmas? Or do you want the house to be clean for when you come back from visiting family and you have a gazillion presents to tidy away? Do a quick speed clean, including a quick declutter.

Here are some quick steps to do this.

  1. Starting at the top of the house, declutter each room from the top of the house to the bottom. Take a big basket to put items that belong in other rooms. Also, take bin bags to put rubbish in.
  2. Then, starting again at the top, do a dust / hoover / mop routine and work your way down to the bottom of the house. In the bathrooms, clean with wipes, and bleach the toilet. Time yourself so you don’t get waylaid.

4. Do any last-minute gift shopping

Don’t have gifts for everyone? Write a list and buy online if delivery is still possible before Christmas. If not, go to a big shopping centre, where you can get everything in the same place, instead of having to drive to different stores.

The key is to write a list and stick to it. If you don’t know what to buy here are some quick budget-friendly gift ideas:

  1. Women – flowers, plants, chocolates, books, make-up, perfume, candles, stationary, creams, vouchers, homeware, journals, colouring book for adults, puzzles, daily planners, board games.
  2. Men – socks, aftershave, food, stationary (a diary for the coming year!), fun mugs, wallet, books, card games, board games, puzzles, blue rays, subscription services, vouchers.
  3. Children – sticker books, kid literature, chocolate, colouring books, craft kits, play dough, board games, Lego, puzzles, stationary, posters for bedroom decor, toiletry kits.
  4. Families / couples – chocolates, vouchers, board games, books, Christmas decoration pieces (tree ornaments, for instance).

5. Take care of last-minute tasks and errands

Are there any last-minute errands you need to take care of? I’m here to juggle your memory. (Or maybe mine too!)

Errands like:

  • picking up packages from the post-office
  • sending Christmas postcards
  • buying an item for the school or church play
  • washing, ironing or buying specific clothes for Christmas
  • preparing beds and towels for guests
  • buying presents for teachers
  • preparing stockings
  • baking cookies for neighbours
  • precooking and freezing food for Christmas
  • scheduling a fun family event
  • organising a Christmas weekend away

That’s it for now, but I just wanted to add that even though these practical tips might help you, Christmas is about Jesus and so I’d like to encourage you to keep that as your focus. 🙂

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