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Growing In Faith with Vanessa Luu

From the Growing In Faith Devotional Series

In today’s episode, I interview my Christian author friend, Vanessa Luu, about her Christian faith.

We talk about key moments in her life that grew her faith, how faith is a walk, her tips on how we can grow in faith, and what God has been teaching her as she shares Christian content with others.

Growing In Faith – Interview With Vanessa Luu

In today’s episode, I asked Vanessa the following questions:

1. Vanessa you’re a wife and mom of two, as well as a Christian author, content creator and podcast host. Can you tell us about your testimony as a Christian. When did you come to know Jesus as your saviour?

2. Have there been key moments in your life where you felt God really grew your faith? Has being a mother helped grow your faith in any way?

3. What tips would you give our listeners on how to grow in faith?

4. Tell us a bit about your books. Why do you create Christian content for others?

5. In writing my books and hosting a podcast, I really feel God has spoken into my life and helped me grow in faith. Can you relate? What key things has God been teaching you as you’ve been creating content for others?

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About Vanessa

Vanessa Luu is a wife, mother, and faith-based writer with a fire burning in her soul to reach the world for Jesus. She was born and raised in sunny California. She knows God uses her struggles to help shape who she is today. Her writing began when God taught her that perfection was not the goal. Instead, it’s about submission, authenticity, and intimacy with God. She currently speaks on the You Don’t Have to Be Perfect podcast and has just released her 3rd book, The Relevant Old Testament. Besides her books, she writes on her social media spaces and

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