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How To Decorate For The Fall

Autumn has arrived in my part of the world and after summer, the kids and I are ready for school routines, as well as nature walks and hygge.

So, to get us all into a more Autumnal frame of mind, today I thought I’d share some homemaking tips to decorate for Fall and get the house ready for the colder (and thus cosier) season.

1. Texturize

How to decorate for the Fall - White shaggy carpet on brown wooden floor

Go around your house and replace any thin blankets or silk cushions with warm and cosy ones. If you used thin curtains in the summer months, replace these with thicker winter curtains. If you have rooms with hard floors that are bare, consider investing in some good-quality rugs (not in the bathroom though!).

2. Warm up

How to decorate for the Fall - warm colours in the living room

If you like colours like brown, orange and tan, consider buying accessories in these colours for Fall. You can always swap them out later for winter colours (and Spring and Summer further on).

These accessories can include cushions, tablecloths, blankets and throws, curtains, lampshades, cups and plates, bedspreads.

3. Decorate and aromatise with Autumnal scented candles

How to decorate for the Fall: candles and lights

I love candles at any time of the year, but I think they are particularly suited for the colder months. If you only want candles to decorate, just buy unscented candles in warm colours and dot them around the house.

However, if you’d like a lovely Autumnal aroma in your house, why not try scents like apple and cinnamon? Or fig, spiced pumpkin, and pomegranate? Or even warm wood, sandalwood, and myrrh?

4. Illuminate with fairy lights

How to decorate for the Fall: fairy lights on a wooden table

As the days get shorter and darker, having lights around is vital to make the house cheery. Don’t wait until Christmas! Put lights up in whatever corner of your house you think looks dark and poky.

If you have outdoor area, why not invest in some solar fairy lights, too?

5. Brew up

How to decorate for the Fall - hot drinks area

Consider creating a hot drink section in your kitchen, living room, or dining space. This could be for tea, coffee, and/or hot chocolate. You could also place a biscuit or cake tin nearby, as well as some napkins.

I have a tea corner where I keep my teapot, some teacups, and my tea, sugar, and coffee tins.

Whatever you choose for your hot drink section, this will help make your house look warm and inviting. Just what you need as the weather turns.

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