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What’s The Real Definition Of Homemaking?

You’re looking for the answer to this ultimate question: what is the real definition of Homemaking? Look no further! In this post I’m going to explore what Homemaking really means, how it is different from Housework, and what Homemakers do.

So buckle in and read on.

What is the definition of Homemaking?

The dictionary defines homemaking as โ€œthe establishment or management of a homeโ€, so establishment is laying the root foundations of the home and management is the daily upkeep.

So the next question is: what is a home?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines home as the place you live, the family you come from, someone’s or something’s place of origin, and the place where a person feels they belong.

So home is not a building, rather it is a community of people with close relationships of which you belong.

what is the definition of homemaking?
Homemaking is about establishing and managing the relationships, culture, and vision of a closely-knit community, for example, the family unit. Photo credit: Jimmy Dean on Unsplash

Therefore, here goes my definition of Homemaking:

Homemaking is establishing and managing a community of closely-knit people with the purpose of creating common vision, and united values.

The supreme example of this is a family in which a father and a mother establish and manage a family community, and they create a culture centred around core values, and a common vision. This is the Biblical view of Homemaking.

As you can see, this definition busts all common misconceptions regarding Homemaking. This leads me into one of the main misconceptions regarding Homemaking. And that is that Homemaking is the same as Housework. So the next question is:

How is Homemaking different from Housework?

Well, as stated above, Homemaking is about creating and managing relationships and community. Housework is simply keeping up with the practical elements of a house: cleaning, decorating, refurbishment.

So while Homemaking does often imply housework because establishing and managing a community of people who live together implies managing and/or carrying out practical details like cleaning, and cooking, Housework does not always imply Homemaking.

For instance, if you have a cleaner, she will do the housework, but she cannot manage the relationships, the culture, or the vision of the members of the community because that is not her area of responsibility.

So Homemaking often comprises Housework, but Housework does not equate to Homemaking and all that it encompasses.

how is homemaking different from housework?
Homemaking often comprises housework, but housework does not equate to homemaking and all that it encompasses. Photo credit: Soroush Karimi on Unsplash

What Does A Homemaker Do?

Since Homemaking is about creating a safe place for community, close relationships, and shared values this is what a Homemakers does:

– A Homemaker creates an atmosphere of peace, security, and comfort;

– A Homemaker establishes a culture of openness, vulnerability, and support;

– A Homemaker exemplifies and teaches hard work, service, and team work;

– A Homemaker casts, establishes, and manages vision for the community;

– A Homemaker sets values for the community.

reading to your children is also homemaking
Homemaking isn’t just cleaning, cooking, and doing crocket. Homemaking is establishing relationships and a family culture with certain values and vision. Reading to young children is a great way to do this. Photo credit: Picsea on Unsplash

Of course, and having said all the above, Homemakers also manage and sometimes execute practical elements of home life: budgets, organization, errands, shopping, meals, cleaning, etc.

Homemakers can do this primarily in three ways:

๐Ÿ  By assigning chores to each member or most members of the household;

๐Ÿ  By doing most of the housework themselves;

๐Ÿ  By outsourcing some or all of the chores to other people who do not belong to the household (for example, hiring a professional cleaning service, getting a laundry service, etc.)


Homemaking is about establishing and managing close relationships that form community, as well as managing the practical elements of living in community. Housework does not imply Homemaking, as those who simply do house chores do not establish culture, relationship, or values. Homemaking often involves Housework, either through execution, or management, or both.

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