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Personal Convictions – Part 3

From The Real Sabbath Devotional Series

Today I’m sharing devotion number six in the Real Sabbath Devotional Series: Personal Convictions – Part 3.

In this devotion, I share about the importance of understanding the blessedness of the Sabbath with regard to the unique ways we rest.

Personal Convictions – S3 E6

Focus verse

 And he said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. – Mark 2:27


When it comes to personal convictions regarding the Sabbath, I believe it’s important to remember what Jesus told the Pharisees when they were trying to catch him in their legalist demands: the Sabbath was made to bless us.

Spending focused time with God, away from the demands of our jobs, tasks, and busyness is a delight, not a binding restriction. And so, as Christians under grace, our resting in God is not a checklist of do’s and don’ts, rather a conscious decision to set aside focused time with God and rest in Him.

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The Sabbath rest is about laying aside our own fleshy desire for productivity, control, and hustle and, instead, focus on God.

Not only that, but what we do (or don’t do) when we take our time of rest will vary according to our personal convictions and what we find restful.

If you’re someone who enjoys cooking and finds it relaxing, your Sabbath rest might include cooking to the sound of the audio Bible, or worship music.  Or if you’re someone who enjoys playing an instrument, your Sabbath rest might include playing worship music to God. If you’re a mum, perhaps the Sabbath rest will include family activities that will be restful for everyone and help you focus on God. 

Questions for reflection

  • What personal convictions do you have regarding the Sabbath rest?
  • What could you teach your children about the Sabbath rest?


Lord, I pray that you would help us as Christian mums to set focused time with You, to follow the personal convictions You’ve laid on our hearts through Your Spirit, and to spend meaningful time with You. I pray that You would also help us teach this principle to our children and that they would understand the importance of keeping the heart of the law. I pray they’d understand the importance of spending focused time with You, but not allowing it to become legalistic. Thank You, Lord, that You love us. Thank You for every mum reading this devotion, and I pray for Your blessing over her. Amen.

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