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Simple Homemaking – 10 Ideas

In this podcast episode, I talk about 10 ideas for simple homemaking. Making our homemaking simpler will help us slow down and embrace Jesus’s life-giving rhythms.

Some of these ideas include cleaning routines, meal planning and preparation, laundry routines, shopping, and decluttering.

Rule of Life – 10 Ideas For Simple Homemaking

1. Adopt a cleaning routine that works for you. From TOMM to Flylady choose the best one for you. (Links to different routines further down this page.)

2. Use machines to your benefit. Don’t let machines rule your life. Sometimes choose slow and simple instead.  

3. Make simple and fast meals during the week. Choose fresh ingredients and cook from scratch!

4. Choose the right laundry routine. This could be the “one wash a day” routine or the weekly laundry day.

5. Choose simple decorations instead of revamping your house every season. Choose simple over complicated.

6. Own less stuff, clean less stuff! Declutter, reuse, donate.

7. Don’t batch cook if you don’t have the time! Make a double portion of the protein instead!

8. Do online grocery shopping with a list. Create a flexible menu, make a list, add items to cart. Done!

9. Get your kids to do chores with you! Do life with them. 🙂

10. Invite Jesus into your homemaking. Let Him revolutionise your home life.

To listen to the full details, check out the podcast episode

For details on cleaning routines, check out:

– the TOMM cleaning routine

– the Flylady routine

– Old Fashioned homemaking routines

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10 ideas for simple homemaking

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