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5 Myths About Homemaking And The True Facts

Ok, so today I thought it would be interesting to talk about some common myths about Homemaking, and then deliver the facts based on research and experience.

These myths are based on what I hear in the media, and what I hear from other people regarding homemaking. To answer these myths with some facts based on research, I used both a language dictionary and timeless principles set out in God’s word.

So let’s get right into it.

5 Myths About Homemaking

1. Homemaking is the same housework

Many people often mistake homemaking with housework. They think homemaking is basically just a fancy word for housework, or maybe that it entails fancier housework like doing crochet, or decorating.

Myth buster

Homemaking is “the establishment or management of a home”, so establishment is laying the foundations and management is the daily upkeep that keeps the home functional.

So while managing and establishing our home does involve meal functioning, errands, and cleaning,  establishing and managing a home is about family culture, relationships, and team building too.

2. Homemaking is about creating a spotless home

Often, we think of homemaking as maintaining a perfect looking house, but not only is this a fruitless endeavour, but too much cleaning and tidying can actually make a house look bare – i.e. not homely.

Myth buster

Homemaking is about creating a house that feels inviting and warm where people can feel comfortable to be themselves, and to relax. Not a spotless showroom where you walk on eggshells.

3. Homemaking is for housewives who don’t have anything else to do

homemaking is not just for housewives
Myth: Homemaking is for 1950’s style housewives. No one else.

There seems to be this idea that homemaking is just for women who don’t have anything else to do, much like the stereotypical 1950s women.

Myth buster

Homemaking is for anyone who has a home. Yes, women are generally more wired for homemaking in the practical upkeep of the house, but because homemaking is also about creating family culture and developing relationships, even men can be homemakers!

Also, you don’t need to be 100% dedicated to home life, to be a homemaker. The only thing you need is to have a home, and work in some way to establish and maintain it (whether part-time or full-time).

4. Homemaking is about buying and maintaining expensive homeware

homemaking is not about buying and maintaining expensive homeware

Nowadays, there is a lot of content about homemaking on the internet, and because most content creators like showing off their beautiful homeware (or are doing affiliate marketing), it’s easy to assume that you’re only really a homemaker if you buy X products.

Myth buster

No, you don’t need expensive homeware to be a good homemaker! As mentioned above, homemaking is more about the establishment and management of home life – including relationships – and less about perfection.

5. Homemaking is about cooking every meal from scratch

myth: homemaking is about cooking meals from scratch

It’s easy to assume that real homemakers cook all their meals from scratch because it’s healthier and budget-friendly – one of the principals on the 1950s housewife!

Myth buster

You can be a busy office worker who only cooks from scratch a few times a week, and still be a homemaker! Homemaking is a general term for simply creating and managing a home, and you can do in many different ways:

– creating a family culture of having dinner together

– organizing a Saturday family day once a month

– playing board games as a family

– assigning chores for all family members

– cleaning the house as a team

– cooking some nights, reheating leftovers and ordering food on other nights (the main principle is that there’s healthy food on the table!)

That’s it!

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