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How To Deep Clean The House – 9 Steps

So you have a problem: your house is dirty from top to bottom but you don’t know where to start with the cleaning. Look no further! In this article, I will share how to deep clean the house without going crazy!

The secret is order and method. By tackling one room at a time, one item at a time, the job will be manageable. The key here is to remove clutter and to deep clean each room individually.

This doesn’t need to be done in just one day. You could assign one or two rooms for each day in a week, or do half the house one day and the other half another day.

But be aware that the house will get dirty again! That’s why maintenance cleaning is important as well.

Ok, so with that said, how exactly do we deep clean the house without getting overwhelmed?

I’ll go through some steps to help you:

How to deep clean the house – 9 Steps

9 steps to deep clean house

Step 1 – Tackle one room at a time

First, simply tackle one room at a time and work your way around the house. Ideally, start at the top and move your way down to the bottom.

By doing one room at a time, you’ll be able to keep focused. Also, when you see progress in one room that will spur you on to clean the other rooms.

Step 2 – Deal with the clutter

You can’t clean a cluttered room, so start there.

Have a couple of bin bags with you in the room to put rubbish; a box or basket to put all the “wrong room” items; a bag to put all the “donate” items, and a dirty clothes basket to put any dirty laundry.

Get rid of clutter that is exposed, but also clutter that is in drawers, cupboards or under furniture.

Leave those bags and baskets in the room for now, as you might need them for the next step.

Step 3 – Remove dirt from behind the furniture

Move any furniture that isn’t too heavy and clean behind with a broom or a hoover. Remove dust, debris, and if you find any clutter, organize it into the right bins and baskets, as above.

Step 4 – Clean the ceiling

Once you have cleared the room of clutter, get a ladder and a brush and clean the ceiling to get rid of any cobwebs. If you have mould tackle that too with some bleach.

Also, dust the top light fixtures.

Step 4 – Remove stains from the walls

Look at the walls carefully to check for stains and then tackle them one at a time. If your walls are white, simply use a magic eraser to remove any stains. If not, use a damp cloth with a little detergent.

Step 5 – Dust the baseboards

If the skirting board is wooden, clean with a damp cloth. If you have a metal baseboard (in a kitchen, for instance) clean it with a suitable cleaning product.

Step 6 – Deep clean big items

Deep clean a big item in the room you are cleaning, such as the fridge or the bath. If you’re cleaning a bedroom you could clean the wardrobe (closet) doors.

Step 7 – Dust and clean furniture and light switches

Dust the furniture and the light switches. If you see any stains on the furniture you can also tackle those in this part.

dust furniture to deep clean house
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Step 8 – Clean the mirrors and windows

First, dust the mirrors and windows, and then clean them with a window solution.

If you’re worried about making streaks, make a water and vinegar solution, and follow the steps outlined here.

Step 9 – Hoover and mop the floor

Finally, when everything else is tidy and clean, it’s time to tackle the floor. First hoover it, getting right into the corners and under the furniture, and then mop it with water and a suitable cleaning solution according to the type of floor – wood, marble, laminate.


Deep cleaning a house may seem like an overwhelming task for homemakers but when broken down into manageable chunks it’s actually pretty straightforward.

What you want is to clean one room at a time, one set of items at a time (e.g. ceiling, walls, floor) and the best way to start is by removing clutter.

Follow the 9 steps above for easy cleaning.

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