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How To Slow Down With Jesus

Hi mama! Today I’m sharing an article on how we can slow down with Jesus, as this is something that is a struggle for us as 21st century mums.

First things first: How are you today? Busy? Restless?

Does it seem that each year that passes time goes more quickly than the year before? That each day that passes, you seem to accumulate more responsibilities, more pressures, more burdens?

Perhaps you miss those days when you had fewer things on your plate, life was slower, and you could enjoy the simple joys of life.

Whether that was swimming for hours on hot summer days. Whether that was playing in a field and picking flowers for a whole afternoon in spring. Or whether that was cuddling with a blanket and a book on cold winter afternoons.

And now..

you desire God’s rest, but it seems so abstract. So elusive. Like a fleeting dream.

Allow me to assure you now, friend: you’re not alone.

For many years, I struggled with overbusyness as an everyday rhythm.

But… (thankfully, there is a but) a couple of years ago, God began showing me the ways in which I was choosing hurry instead of walking the way of Jesus.


Busyness is not wrong in and of itself. 

While on earth, Jesus had a full life. He taught crowds, He healed people, He ministered to the broken and lonely.

But we never see Jesus getting flustered or attempting to do ten-thousand things in one day.

Why? Because while Jesus’ life was full, He didn’t over-commit. He didn’t idolise busyness. He didn’t engage in anything that wasn’t God’s will for Him.

Not only that, but Jesus rested. He napped, had dinner with friends, spent time alone with God.

Indeed, Jesus surrendered all of His time on earth to the Father’s will — whether that meant working, whether that meant resting. To borrow a musical term, Jesus lived according to the Father’s tempo giusto.

So as women, the issue is not that we have busy lives, it’s when we live in a constant state of restlessness, distraction, and hurry.

The issue is not that we have things to do, but it’s when we choose to do too much — not just as an exceptional circumstance or season, but as an everyday rhythm.

The issue is not that we’re involved in ministry, work full-time, pursue hobbies, look after our homes, have our children registered in after-school activities, it’s when those things consistently and constantly hinder us from intimacy with the Father.

It’s when we attempt to perform for our worth or choose busyness from a place of fear, instead of trusting God and surrendering to His will.

If this is resonating with you, friend, I’ve been there. Done that.

Indeed, slowing down, abiding in Jesus, and walking with Him is a journey. A journey I’m still on. It’s a process, you see. A process of daily crucifying the flesh and living by the Spirit.

The good news is that Jesus is with me, helping me along the way. When I fail and falter (which I do), still He is with me and His grace covers me.


Jesus invites us to a life of presence to the moment, rather than a life of distraction. A life focused on love, rather than a life focused on tasks. A life driven by His Kingdom, rather than a life driven by FOMO.

Jesus calls us to be dependent on Him. To trust Him. To see time as a gift, not a pressure to perform. To not be conformed to the world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our mind.

In short,

Jesus invites us to a life of walking with Him.

When we do, we discover that slowing down with Him is better than anything this world can offer us.


1. Eliminate distractions

Sometimes we live in a constant rush, because we live our lives reactively, rather than proactively.

For instance, we read Scripture on our devices – with all the notifications reminding us of things to check up on – instead of getting away and spending focused time with Jesus in the quiet place.

The same happens when we spend our weekends moving from one activity to the other, but neglect to make room for meeting with Jesus in the quiet.

If we’re serious about slowing down with Jesus, we need to make room for Him. We need to eliminate distractions. It won’t happen by accident!

2. Declutter stuff from your schedule

Need to slow down with Jesus? Ruthlessly eliminate everything from your schedule that is not aligned with what God has for you. 

How will you know? Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal His will.

Incidentally, these activities could be things that are good in themselves, but they’re not good for you. Having them in your schedule distracts you from your relationship with Jesus and from the specific things He has for your life.

These could be certain work activities, house chores, hobbies, voluntary projects, ministry commitments, or anything the Holy Spirit reveals is not His best for you

3. Spend time with Jesus in the secret place

Once you’ve removed distractions and decluttered your schedule, be careful! Now is the time to commit this time to Jesus, not to fill the time up with other distractions or activities.

If we know we need to slow down with Jesus, we need need need (I can’t overstate this enough) to spend time with Him. No distractions. No noise.

It’s in the secret place that God will meet us where we are and reveal to us His unconditional love. It’s in the secret place that we’ll begin to hear God speak more clearly and discern how He would have us live.

4. Take a Sabbath rest

Often the reason we’re so exhausted and busy is that we don’t switch off. Even when we’re on holiday, we go through the motions of jumping from one activity to the next, and we never really stop or switch off.

Taking a Sabbath rest once a week is not just a good idea, it’s a timeless rhythm built into creation itself. When we don’t practice a Sabbath rest, we go against the very grain of the Universe.

If you’re exhausted, turn away from your work, your activity, your connectivity. Just stop. For a day. And worship God. Delight in God’s wonderful creation. Praise Him!

5. Take a time to rest every day

As women, we often run on accomplishment and busyness. Sometimes we simply like to feel useful or busy. Other times, we feel we need to satisfy other people’s every need.

The truth is, as much as work is part of God’s design, so is rest. And we do no one any favours by attempting to be God in their lives. Is it good to help and be there for others? Of course. Is it good to help and be there for others 24/7 seven days a week? No! We’re limited. And that’s ok!

Perhaps the reason you often choose busyness over rest, is this: you feel that as a Christian, you should always be there for others. If that’s you, remember this: Jesus was the most compassionate person alive, but He also rested and set boundaries.

You won’t do yourself or your friends and family any favours by running on empty. So make sure you take a time to rest every day.

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