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Proclaim The Gospel!

Proclaiming the Gospel is an act of faith. We need to step out in faith, in order to do so. This is the fifth devotion in the Stepping Out In Faith Devotional Series on the blog and podcast called: Proclaim The Gospel.

Proclaim The Gospel

Focus verse

“Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” Mark 16:15


Stepping out in faith is part of the Jesus-centred life. When the world tells us we need to seek career success, Jesus tells us to put His Kingdom first. When the enemy tells us we need to pursue financial gain, Jesus tells us He will provide for our needs. When our flesh tells us we need to seek comfort first, Jesus tells us to go into the world and proclaim the Gospel.

Stepping out in Faith is not then just about going forward with God’s particular leading in our lives, it’s also about trusting in what God has already revealed in His word about putting Him first. 

Today’s Bible verse focuses on proclaiming the Gospel. This is part of Jesus’ commission to the early disciples. Yet, it is not meant just for them. The whole Gospel narrative shows us that sharing God’s word and making disciples is to be central in our lives as Christians.

This is challenging! It’s sobering to think that God has commissioned us to go into all the world (not just to our children) and proclaim the Gospel. Yes, let’s start with our children. But not leave it at that!

In fact, as families we can go out and be missional together. We can proclaim the Gospel as a family team. 

It won’t be easy if we rely on ourselves. If we wait for more time or better conditions. We need to be proactive and plan how we will do so. We need to step out in faith and ask for God’s Spirit to give us the courage to do so. 

Questions for reflection

  • In what ways could you be missional as a family where you are now?
  • Is God calling you to be missional elsewhere? To reach more people with His word?
  • Think about how you could step out in faith as a family, and then share with your husband or / and children. 


Thank you, Jesus, for calling us to go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel. May my life honour Your calling. May we honour You as a family. Strengthen us through Your Spirit to step out in faith and proclaim the Gospel to others, whether close or far. Thank You that in living a Kingdom-First life, we will find true joy and peace. 

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